It is difficult to find information about Madrid-Barajas Airport pet relief areas. The Madrid-Barajas Airport website doesn’t provide any information about a pet policy or relief stations. Glancing at the airport’s maps also provides no information about relevant facilities. We are uncertain whether these facilities exist. As a result, we recommend passengers traveling with pets prepare to use only outdoor areas.

We suspect that this airport’s pet policy is designed to encourage owners to utilize areas outside of the building prior to traveling through security. In any case, this is what you should plan for. Give your pet a nice, long bathroom break before entering the building. If your flight is delayed, or if there is an emergency, you may be able to leave the airport and re-enter through security. To double-check, we recommend asking airport or airline personnel about receiving help with this. You may be able to get an escort or authorization to use an outside Madrid-Barajas airport relief area without needing to re-enter through security.


What to Expect from Madrid-Barajas Airport Pet Relief Stations

Because there is no information about pet relief areas in the Madrid-Barajas airport, it is difficult to know what to expect. As a result, you should arrive prepared for the worst-possible situation: That there are no indoor airport relief areas and that outdoor access is highly restricted. To prepare for this situation, get to the airport early and check out the surrounding areas. As you check into your flight, ask relevant personnel if they have any information about accessible pet relief areas.

If you arrive without time to look for a Madrid-Barajas Airport pet relief station, try asking airport or airline staff to escort you outside of the airport. If you have enough time, you may be able to go outside and return without much trouble.