If you will be traveling through Kansas City Airport with your furry friend, it’s important to know where the pet relief areas are. Although it’s easier than ever before to bring your animals with you on a plane, it is very important to know what to expect. Being prepared will help ease your mind, and let your dog know that you’ve got everything under control.

The Kansas City Airport has three animal relief areas. The outdoor pet relief areas are pre-security, so they are best accessed before a flight or if Kansas City is your final destination. These outdoor areas are a good chance to get some fresh air, and one is located at the end of Terminal B, and another at the end of Terminal C. They are grassy, well-lit, and fenced-in. You can find bags and trash cans, but it’s never a bad idea to carry a spare or supply your own.

MCI Airport Pet Terminal Map Guide

There is only one indoor pet relief area, and it is located in Terminal C. If you are flying on Spirit, American Airlines, or Frontier, you will be in Terminal C, and able to access this facility. If you are in the other terminals, you will have to exit the secured area and relieve your pet in the outdoor area. Kansas City airport is divided by terminals, and these terminals are connected by a shuttle bus. Certain airliners are located closer to this pet relief area.



What to Expect with Kansas City Airport Pet Relief Areas

The indoor pet relief area is located in Terminal C inside the Departure Lounge. It offers the modern amenities that airports are installing across the country. It will not be possible for most people There is a large sink and a hose to clean up with, as well as artificial grass with a drain in the center. There are bags available inside.

Kansas City Airport Pet Policies

Traveling through MCI? Check out our MCI pet policy page to learn more about what to expect in the airport.