Chicago Midway International Airport has two pet relief areas. The outdoor facility is a fenced-in area with benches and bags provided for pet owners. The indoor facility is a centrally-located small room outfitted with fake grass and a pet parent sitting area. The outdoor facility is located before flight check-in and security, but travelers need not re-enter security to use the indoor option.

Airport Terminal Guide for MDW Pet Relief Areas

For those who are unfamiliar with Chicago Midway and its pet policies, the airport has just one security entrance and a single terminal. This main stretch then expands into three concourse areas, which separate gates from one another. The indoor facility is on the south end of the Lower Level terminal drive. To access this area, exit through Lower Level Door #4 near Baggage Carousel #8. Turn right and walk past the bus stop to locate the area. As the mention of a bus stop might suggest, travelers must exit the airport entirely to access this area. Using the facility requires an additional security screening.

Easily accessible for all travelers, the indoor pet relief station at Chicago Midway Airport is located on Concourse A across from Gate A-5. To access, enter through security and into Midway Boulevard. Turn left into Concourse A and proceed past the Shoe Hospital and Midway Pour House. The relief area is between Rebar #9 and Departures News.

Chicago Midway Airport Pet Relief Area Map

What to Expect from Chicago Midway Airport Pet Relief Stations

Outside the airport, the Chicago Midway pet relief area is as standard as they come. The ground cover is a rocky, concrete pad, but the fenced area is surrounded by grass. Dog owners can venture outside of the fenced area, where waste bags and a bench are located.

The Chicago Midway pet relief area located inside the airport consists of an enclosed room with fake grass. It is wheelchair accessible, and bags are provided for owners to pick up and dispose of pet waste. Though small, this is a very convenient option for travelers arriving at and departing from the airport.

Chicago Midway Airport may only include two pet relief areas, but it is surprisingly pet-friendly. The airport’s size allows passengers to effortlessly move between concourse areas. No matter your departing gate, you can easily access the indoor animal relief area. Furthermore, though the outdoor relief station is located outside of the airport’s secure area, it is a relatively short walk away, making pet relief both easy and convenient.