Miami International Airport pet relief areas are not going to make a lot of magazine covers for most pet-friendly airports, but the 3 outdoor and 4 indoor areas are easy to find and use. These outdoor animal relief areas are located outside the airport terminals, while the indoor stations are located inside airport security.  

For the most part, the Miami International pet relief areas are distributed evenly throughout the airport. Terminal E and Terminal H do not have a pet relief station inside security, so you’ll have to visit an adjacent terminal. Per airport pet policy, you’ll have to keep your pet inside its carrier once you enter the airport except when going through security or in one of these pet relief areas.  



Outdoor MIA Pet Relief Areas

  • An open area west of the North (Dolphin) Garage. Near North Terminal (D) across from Door 5 on Level 1 Baggage Claim/Arrivals. 
  • A fenced area west of the South Short Term Parking Lot. Near Central Terminal (F) across from Door 15 on Level 1 Baggage Claim/Arrivals. 
  • A fenced area south of the South (Flamingo) Garage. Near South Terminal (J) across from Door 28 on Level 1 Baggage Claim/Arrivals. 

From the entrance signage to the bag dispenser to the general appearance of the Miami Airport pet relief areas, here’s what you’re looking for:  





Indoor MIA Pet Relief Stations and Terminal Guide

You can find pet relief areas inside Miami International Airport at the following locations. Whether or not you plan on using one of these areas before takeoff, it can be helpful to know the closest animal relief area to your gate assignment.  

  • Terminal D: Near Gate D34.   
  • Terminal F: Near Gate F7.
  • Terminal G: Near Gate G5.
  • Terminal J: Near Gate J3.

Miami International Airport Pet Relief Area Map



What to Expect from MIA Pet Relief Areas

Miami Airport pet relief stations may be small with minimal décor, but they should include all the basic amenities you need—a patch of synthetic grass, disposable bags, flush stations, and fresh water. You may have to wait your turn if another pet or animal is using the area, but we’ve never experienced or heard of any unduly long waits.