Though Milwaukee is not typically considered a main travel hub, there is one MKE pet relief area located inside the Main Terminal building. General Mitchell International Airport (MKE) offers air travel services to people from all around the world. To accommodate as many people as possible, and help make trips less chaotic, the airport facilities have changed in the past five years to add the indoor Milwaukee Airport pet relief area.

Be aware that there is no official animal relief station outside of the airport, so be sure to walk your dog before arriving and heading through security. If you are planning to travel with your pet, though, rest assured that there is an indoor, post-security option available to use.


MKE Terminal Map and Pet Relief Area

Even though the outdoor facilities lack some of the frills that modern pet relief areas typically have, the indoor facilities make up for it. The lone General Mitchel International Airport pet relief area is located inside the secured portion of the airport, next to the family restroom and the concession areas between Concourse D and Concourse E. The indoor location is labeled “11” on this map.

MKE Airport Terminal Map


What to Expect from an MKE Animal Relief Station

The Milwaukee Airport pet relief area is designed to be private and utilitarian, but it still has some decoration. Green artificial grass sits on top of a flushing drain system to make cleanup easier, and you’ll even find a decorative red fire hydrant to make your pup feel more at home. It’s unclear whether this location supplies baggies for solid waste, so it might be a good idea to pack a spare.

If you’re making a trip through MKE, it’s also smart to read up on the MKE pet policy. When it comes to pet travel, you can never be too prepared.