The Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport provides five pet relief areas. Each Terminal has both an indoor and an outdoor option. Terminal 1 has one pre-security location and two post-security stations; Terminal 2 has one pre-security and one post-security location. These areas are strategically placed, as they allow easy access for all animals—whether they’ve just exited a flight or are entering the airport. Per the airport’s pet policy, passengers traveling with service animals can request an escort from their airline’s desk or from the Travelers Assistance desk.

MSP Airport Pet Relief Area Map



Terminal Guide for Minneapolis-St. Paul Pet Relief Areas

Each of the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport’s terminals have indoor and outdoor relief stations. There is an option for those entering or exiting the airport—pre-security—as well as an option for passengers within the terminal—post-security.  

  • To access the pre-security Terminal 1-Lindbergh location, exit through Door 1 on the Baggage Claim Level and follow signs to your left until you see the fenced area. 
  • To access the first secured Terminal 1-Lindgbergh location, pass through security and follow signs to Concourse E—the first location will be near the entrance in the Airport Mall.  
  • To access the other post-security Terminal 1-Lindbergh station, pass through security and follow signs to the C/G connector bridge.  
  • To access the pre-security Terminal 2-Humphrey area, exit through Door 8 on Level 1 near baggage claim. 
  • To access the post-security Terminal 2-Humphrey station, pass through security and locate Gate H11. The relief station will be directly adjacent.  

What to Expect from MSP Airport Animal Relief Stations

The indoor Minneapolis-St. Paul international airport pet relief stations are small but accommodating. Each includes a small “stall” with artificial grass and a fire hydrant. The stations are also equipped with sinks, dog bags, and waste receptacles.  


The outdoor MSP pet relief stations, though also small, are very convenient and accessible. Each provides a bench for owners to relax while their dogs stretch. The Terminal 1 area is very small—we recommend just one dog at a time, but the Terminal 2 area is relatively large with room to run. However, all animals should be leashed while using these areas, as they are only partially-fenced.  

The Terminal 1 area has woodchips and rocks, whereas the Terminal 2 area has real grass. 


In all, the Minneapolis airport is a surprisingly pet-friendly place. With both pre- and post-security MSP pet relief area options, as well as helpful and informed staff, pet parents should have an easy time navigating this small airport.