Traveling with a pet can be fun and rewarding once you get to your destination, but the travel time can sometimes leave you scrambling to find ways to make your pet as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Before you embark on your journey, it can be helpful to know what kind of pet relief areas you will have at your disposal. The New Orleans Airport pet relief areas offer two designated places for your animal to find relief. Knowing where to go and what you can expect can save a lot of time during a short layover, or help you plan your exit strategy once you land.


MSY Airport Map and Pet Terminal Guide

The New Orleans Airport has pet relief areas both inside and outside of the secured area. The pet relief area inside of the secured portion of the airport can be found in Terminal 2 of the airport near the bathrooms between the Shake Shack and the Panda Express. It will likely look a lot like the other pet relief areas.


The outdoor area is nothing too fancy, but they can be a great help to a traveler in need. You’ll find a pole with a trash can and a waste baggie dispenser near a sunny patch of grass. It borders a busy street and there is not a fence to quarter of the pet relief area, so you wouldn’t want to let your dog off leash. Not to worry though, as he will find plenty of space to stretch his legs after a long flight. The outdoor area is located on Level 1 between the terminal and the short-term parking garage.


What to Expect with New Orleans Airport Pet Relief Areas

Outside, there are many lush green lawns, so keep a couple of plastic waste bags on you in case your pet finds a good place to relieve himself before you reach the designated relief area. New Orleans Airport is very particular about cleaning up after your animal, so there should be baggies supplied in the relief area.

Inside the airport, expect a small, but wheel-chair accessible room with a thin swath of Astroturf. The room should be well-ventilated, and equipped with a spray-hose, plastic waste baggies, and a sink to wash up afterward. This pet relief area is sandwiched between several bathrooms, so it should be monitored fairly often.


Hopefully knowing the options for relieving your pet should make you feel better about traveling together. For more information about New Orleans Airport, and what you can expect when you pass through security, travel around the terminals, and even when you ship a live animal as cargo, check out our MSY Airport pet policy page.