The Oakland Airport pet relief areas include three outside pet relief stations and one animal relief area inside the airport terminal. In recent years, more and more airports have been taking steps to provide resources to those who are traveling with pets and service animals. Now, it’s not so uncommon to see pet relief areas inside of an airport, so that you don’t have to pass through security twice. These handy stations make traveling with animals easier at the OAK airport, especially when kept clean and stocked with supplies.


OAK Airport Map and Pet Terminal Guide

The post-security animal relief station is located near the middle of the airport, so that it’s within walking distance for passengers in both terminals. To find the Animal Relief Area inside the airport, look around near gate 25 in Terminal 2. It should be near the restroom just past the security checkpoint. Bear in mind that this facility is technically reserved for service animals, but if you don’t have time before your flight for the outdoor area, you may be able to get authorization from an airport official.

The outdoor relief areas are spread out around the exterior of the airport. Two can be found outside of the exits for Terminal 2, and another can be found outside of Terminal 1. You can find the pet relief areas on the map by locating the yellow dog icon.



What to Expect with OAK Airport Pet Relief Areas

Comparable to other airport indoor pet relief areas, the OAK airport animal relief station is a small, wheel-chair accessible room with a patch of Astroturf and a tiny red fire hydrant. The room is well-ventilated and has a drain in the turf floor to help prevent odors and keep the room clean and dry. There is also cleanup equipment such as a spray-hose, plastic baggies, and a sink. If you find yourself at a loss for how to manage some of the equipment, there is a large sign with instructions that should help you navigate the space. Although the room should be well-stocked for your convenience, we still suggest that animal owners carry some plastic waste bags on their person for easy cleanup.



As always, whenever you are using one of the courtesy spaces, it’s best to be courteous in turn. Be sure to clean up after yourself and your animal, and to follow the rules of the airport. For a more inclusive list of the regulations for animals and their handlers, you can check out our main resource page for Oakland Airport Pet Policies.