Kahului Airport Service Animal Policies

Assistance animals are welcome to travel with passengers who have disabilities. Certain exemptions are provided to these animals, but some rules and restrictions still apply. To determine if your dog qualifies to be certified as a Psychiatric Service Dog and can be accepted as such for air travel, you can visit Pettable’s PSD service.

Kahului Airport Pet Relief Areas

There are two OGG pet relief areas. They is located outside, in a pre-security area near Checkpoint 2 and near Doors 1 and 6. While just a few feet from the airport doors, these pet relief stations may prove to be inconvenient for most pet parents. According to the Kahului Airport pet policy, those needing to use this area will need to exit the airport and re-enter through security. This can be a time-consuming process, which means you should budget your pet relief breaks accordingly.

For some, the sandy beaches and beautiful views of Hawaii are the perfect destination for vacation, no matter the time of year. Many people travel to Honolulu and other islands on holidays, and different islands have different airports. Kahului Airport is located on the island of Maui close to Haleakala. It’s rare that a traveler will bring their pet here, but it might be necessary for people making a long-term stay. Remember that Hawaii has very strict animal import laws, rendering short-term stays very difficult because of possible quarantine procedures.


OGG Pet Policy and Hawaii Animal Import Quarantine  

Hawaii has a very strict quarantine policy for animal imports, including domesticated pets. This period consists of 30 days in a veterinary facility to ensure all animals are free from rabies. There is a fee associated with this stay. For some people, this might mean skipping a trip with your pet to the islands, only traveling with your pet if you’re making a permanent move. Service dogs might qualify for lesser quarantine regulations, but for more information, you should visit the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s notice on Animal Quarantine and get in contact by phone or email. It is Kahului Airport pet policy to notice and inspect most animals traveling through the terminals, so be prepared to talk to security and airport personnel.


Cargo Procedures for the Kahului Airport Pet Policy

Even with a quarantine, some pet parents may find animal shipping to be the easiest option available. Per the OGG pet policy, you will need to drop off your pet at the air cargo facility with the appropriate company. If you are picking up an animal being shipped into Hawaii, be aware of the necessary quarantine on all animals. You will pick up your pet at the State of Hawaii USDA building located next door to the cargo facility.

Main Cargo Facility
871 Haleakala Highway Kahului Airport, HI 96732

Aloha Air Cargo
(808) 877-2025

American Airlines

(808) 871-0883

United Airlines
(800) 575-3335


What to Expect from the Kahului Airport Pet Policy

Most airlines do not allow pets to travel in the cabin to Hawaii. Hawaii’s islands are free of rabies, and takes great effort to maintain that status. If you are leaving Hawaii, then you will likely be able to bring your pet with you in the cabin, but this is determined by the airline rather than the airport.

If you are traveling with your pet, then there are a few organizational things you’ll likely want to bring. In addition to any paperwork and documentation that your trip requires, you’ll want to bring a few items to make your pet feel more at ease. Spend some time helping your pet get used to its carrier it in the weeks prior to your trip. You’ll also want to bring a spare plastic baggies, a leash, and maybe a collapsible water bowl or other helpful accessories. When you’re in the terminal, be sure to keep your pet in the carrier. Service animals are permitted to remain on leashes while inside.


More About the OGG Pet Policy

Kahului Airport is the largest airport in Maui, and it can get quite crowded in the peak travel and tourist seasons. If you are making your trip during these times, you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure your trip through security is a quick and easy one. Firstly, be sure to listen to all of the TSA agent’s requests for the fastest possible clearance time. Security will be similar between airports. When it’s your turn, take your pet out of the carrier and either hold or walk him on a leash through the metal detectors. Your bags and your pet’s carrier will need to be scanned. When you’re finished, return your pet to the carrier and you can proceed to your gate.

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