Many people and pets travel through Pittsburgh International Airport each year. To make travel easier on both animals and humans alike, Pittsburgh Airport has installed several different locations with designated pet relief areas. These areas can be found both inside and outside of the secured portion of the airport. Although they are intended to be well-stocked and convenient, it is never a bad idea to come prepared with your own plastic baggies and any other supplies you might need for your pet. Whether you are traveling through Pittsburgh on a layover or making it your final destination, you will be able to access an animal relief area convenient for you.

Pre-Security Pet Relief Areas

There is an outdoor pet facility located outside the doors across from the American Airlines baggage claim. This stop would be good for any pets needing a quick rest stop before being checked into the flight or before passing into the secured area.

PIT Airport Pet Terminal Map Guide

There is an indoor pet relief facility located in the D concourse between gate G77 and the Post Office. This is a plain, spacious room equipped with a sink, a trash receptacle, a well-drained area, and of course a decorative red fire hydrant. This area seems accessible for passengers no matter which gate you arrived in from, and it would be possible to make a quick stop here between flights. Be aware of the possibility of a line, as this is a very high traffic airport that only has one such rest area.



What to Expect with Pittsburgh Airport Pet Relief Areas

As a dog owner, it helps to be aware of other dogs nearby. There are often dogs in the airport, either working as sniffer dogs as a part of security, or as seasonal therapy dogs that assist passengers around the holidays. Although these dogs are accustomed to the airport, and not nervous about all of the sights and smells that come with being surrounded by new people, your dog might not be as easy going around this environment. All working dogs need to be kept on a leash in the terminal, and all pets need to remain in their kennels or carriers for the duration of their time in the airport.


As you make your travels through Pittsburgh International Airport, it may help to know more about what to expect. Check out an overview of the PIT Airport pet policies.