Although many airports are starting to build areas for your pet to relieve themselves inside of the secured location, Raleigh does not have any pet relief areas located inside. Instead, there are two pet relief areas outside the Raleigh Airport. There is one at each terminal outside the baggage claim doors. This might not be a big deal for people traveling out of Raleigh or for people who have made it their final destination. It is a quick trip outside of the baggage claim that can easily be accessed before or after a flight.

RDU Airport Pet Terminal Guide

For travelers making a layover in Raleigh, you will have to go through the hassle of passing out and back through security. If you are flying with a small pet in the cabin, call customer service ahead of time and see if you can have an escort to relieve your pet.



What to Expect with RDU Airport Pet Relief Areas

Raleigh-Durham airport’s service animal relief areas are not very fancy. They are located curbside outside of the baggage claim areas on either terminal. If you need to make use of them in the evenings or at nighttime, they seem to be well-lit and within view and a short walk of the airport entrance.

These areas are supposed to be stocked with plastic baggies and waste receptacles, but you might want to think ahead and pack anything else your pet might need within easy access. Hand sanitizer, water bowls, and even extra plastic baggies can make your visit a pleasant one, as well as refreshing for your animal.


As always, we would recommend that you bring your own bags and water for your pet. They are not a long walk, but be sure to use them with plenty of time to pass through security before your flight. There are not many green areas surrounding the terminal exits, so your pet will most likely have to make due with dirt or concrete.

If you are making a trip through Raleigh airport with your pet, check out our page on pet policies, tips and requirements to have an easier time traveling.