Also known as the Fort Myers Airport, Southwest Florida International Airport offers four pet relief areas, all of which are outside. This poses something of an extra barrier as pre-security pet relief stations require travelers already in the airport to pass through security to access the facility. RSW, however, is a single-runway airport, meaning airplane and passenger traffic is generally less intense than at, say, the Orlando airport. Though exiting a secured area for a pet relief station can take quite a bit of time, rest assured that re-entering the airport will be relatively quick. 

Two Southwest Florida International Airport pet relief areas are located on either side of the terminal building on the lower level. The other two are located on either side of the parking garage, just across the street from baggage claim.

Terminal Guide for Fort Myers Airport Pet Relief Areas

The map below is useful for determining which pet relief station is closest to your location. Below, we have added location descriptors and access information for each area. 

  • To access the pet relief stations on either side of the terminal building, exit through Door 1 and turn left or through Door 6 and turn right. These locations are next to the gazebo and loading dock, respectively. 
  • To access the relief areas, exit through Door 1 or Door 6 and cross the street. These locations are on either side of the parking garage and rental car agency booths. 


RSW Airport Pet Relief Area Map


What to Expect from the Southwest Florida Airport Pet Relief Areas

The pet relief areas at Southwest Florida International offer at least some amenities. These areas provide disposable bags for solid waste and trash receptacles, but that’s pretty much it. The stations, however, are large. And with no gated entrance, they appear to be more like lawns than designated relief spots. Full of real grass and beautifully landscaped, they provide a moment of peace in an otherwise stressful situation. 


Though close to the airport and roads, the pet relief stations are relatively removed, making them quiet spaces perfect for stressed out dogs. They look informal but take caution—the airport pet policy requires most animals to be leashed while on the property. 


The lack of post-security relief stations may pose a challenge to passengers during busy travel seasons, but people traveling through the Southwest Florida International Airport should not have a difficult time finding and using the facilities. When at the airport, reserve at least a half hour to exit the terminal, use the relief area, and re-enter through security.