If you’ve ever had to bring a pet outside of the secured area to relieve themselves during a layover, then you know how much value there is in an indoor pet relief area. These facilities offer additional convenience. Both people and pets can enjoy not having to go far from their gate. San Antonio Airport pet relief areas are available both before and after security, so there’s an easy option whether you’re flying to and from San Antonio or just passing through during a layover.

San Antonio Airport Pet Terminal Map Guide

No matter which terminal you need to be in, San Antonio has a pet relief area stationed nearby.


  • There are two indoor pet relief areas, which are located in each terminal’s concourse near the gates.
  • You can also find outdoor pet relief areas at Terminal A on the 0 level of the hourly parking garage. In Terminal B, look near the western exit of the baggage claim area close to the Ground Transportation Center.

What to Expect from SAT Airport Pet Relief Areas

The pet relief areas located inside San Antonio Airport are basic as far as these spaces go. There is green Astroturf with several drains in the floor, plastic baggies for your convenience, and even a decorated fire hydrant. There is also a sink for animal handlers to make good use of after cleaning up. The rooms seem spacious and can accommodate wheelchairs with wall handlebars and an elevated draining platform.



These areas are usually pretty well-stocked and maintained, but they are also highly trafficked. With the higher number of people traveling with their animals, you never know if you might get caught without a bag! It’s always a good idea to carry a couple with you and have them easily accessible.

Making a trip through San Antonio Airport? For more information on their policy regarding animals inside the terminal, be sure to check out our other page on San Antonio Airport pet policies.