Sea-Tac Airport (SEA) Pet Relief Areas

Sea-Tac Airport pet relief areas are strategically located to provide reasonable access no matter the airline or gate assignment. You can find two outdoor/pre-security relief areas outside Door 2 near the south end of the airport and Door 26 at the north end. The indoor/post-security SEA pet relief areas are near the escalators leading to the N Gates, another one near the escalator to the S Gates, and by the Central Terminal across from Hudson News at the beginning of Concourse B.

Sea-Tac Airport Pet Relief Area Map

If you’re looking to get a general sense of which Sea-Tac pet relief area you’ll use when traveling through the airport, this map is a great reference point. Knowing what airline you’ll be flying on is often enough to determine the terminal and, thus, the best spots to take your pet.  


Sea-Tac Pet Relief Areas and Terminal Guide

It’s not always easy to take care of yourself and your pet when flying. When the opportunity comes to grab some food and drink or other last-minute travel supplies, you may want to take it. Just remember airlines don’t hold flights for your bathroom break or your pet’s. For these reasons, it’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the terminal you’ll be flying out of. Find restaurants, shops, and services that you may want to visit while waiting for your flight to board.  


Even if you don’t initially plan to use the indoor relief areas, it never hurts to know where they are. If the flight is delayed or if a pet is acting up in its carrier, you’ll want to know where to go. Except when going through the security line or visiting one of the pet relief areas, pets must stay in the carriers at all times when in the airport. Service animals and emotional support animals are exempt.    


What to Expect from Sea-Tac Airport Animal Relief Stations

The outdoor SEA pet relief areas are grassy areas with a simple sign and waste disposal bags. It’s a good idea to visit one of these areas, time permitting, especially if you were unable to give your dog a good long walk before leaving for the airport.  


With synthetic grass, fire hydrant, and waste disposal, indoor Sea-Tac airport pet relief stations are comparable with other airports. Even still, small differences can have a big impact on the overall vibe of these relief stations. Some look nicer than others, in other words. Take a look at these pictures to recognize that even a pet-friendly airport like Sea-Tac must work with its existing space when installing relief areas.  

Along with its information services and pet policies, where Sea-Tac really shines is maintaining these indoor stations. Whereas passengers and pet owners in other airports can feel like they’re left to fend for themselves, Sea-Tac encourages people to contact janitorial maintenance at (206) 787-5229 if any of their pet relief stations need service.