The San Jose International Airport has a large, sprawling campus. For the benefit of patrons and passengers traveling with animals, there are four pet relief areas at the SJC Airport. Three are pre-security, so it might be a good idea to bring your pet to one of these locations before checking in for your flight and passing into the secure area of the airport. The other pet relief location is in the hallway that connects terminal A and B. Look for it between gates 16 and 17. Find it on the map by locating the paw print icon.


Map of Terminal A – San Jose International Airport


Map of Terminal B – San Jose International Airport


SJC Airport Pet Relief Area and Terminal Guide

You have some options for which pet relief area you want to use, but it would probably be easiest to plan your route through the airport ahead of time, especially if you are making a connection and are on a tight schedule. First, identify which airliner you will be flying into SJC with.

  • If you are flying internationally, or using any other airliner, you will find yourself in Terminal A. The easiest way to get to a Pet Rest Area from Terminal A is to locate the check-in counter near the exits and take a left through the doors. You can find the pet relief area at the end of the sidewalk beside the designated smoking area. This is just the closest option, but there is another pet relief area for Terminal A located on the south side of the terminal. To find it, take a right out of the check-in area, and walk all the way to the end of the sidewalk and across the street beside the parking garage.
  • If you are arriving on Southwest or Alaskan Airlines, you will be in Terminal B. If you are arriving in Terminal B, you will probably find the other outdoor pet relief area more convenient. There is a ticket counter in the lower level of Terminal B, and you can leave through the doors in front of the ticket counter. Take a left and walk a short way past the designated smoking area and you will find a gated area similar to the ones by Terminal A.
  • If you are making a connection through the airport, and don’t want to have to leave the secured area to bring your dog outside, then don’t worry. There is an indoor Pet Relief Area that is situated conveniently between Terminals A and B. Find it in between gates 16 and 17.


What to Expect from Pet Relief Areas at San Jose Airport

The pet relief areas provide all of the necessary amenities you will need to make sure your animal has a place to do his business, and can be cleaned up and kept nice for the next patrons. The outdoor relief areas are small patches of well-draining synthetic grass enclosed in a gate. You will also find the customary decorative red fire hydrants that might make your dog feel more comfortable. Plastic baggies and trash cans are also provided, as well as benches in case you want to let your dog stretch his legs for a while.

All of these areas are within a short walk from the main airport building, and you don’t even need to cross the street if that isn’t convenient for you. On your way to the Pet Relief Areas, you will see other patches of grass before you reach the pet relief area near Terminal A, and your pet might choose to do his business there instead of in the designated areas. That’s why we always suggest to bring a few spare baggies in your baggage or in your carry-ons.



SJC Airport Pet Policies

If you are able to use the outdoor areas, then it would probably be the more pleasant experience. There’s nothing like a breath of fresh air between flights, and besides, it’s much larger. The outdoor areas are almost four times as large as the indoors, and that means more room for your furry friend to stretch their legs. In any case, San Jose International still prefers that your animal remains on leash while on the airport campus. You can read more about this and other policies by checking out our SJC Airport Pet Policy page.