Like many modern airports, John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, CA offers modern pet relief areas for the convenience of you and your animal companions. There are three locations available in the airport and outside near the parking lots, and each one seems new and maintained. These animal relief areas provide a much easier time when traveling through the airport, and a mix of facilities both inside and outside of the secured area is good for passengers arriving in Santa Ana, traveling away, or even making a layover at John Wayne before reaching their final destination.

SNA Airport Pet Terminal Guide

There are three animal relief areas available at John Wayne Airport. Two of these locations are outside, and one can be found inside the secured portion of the airport.

Terminal A: This pet relief area is on the arrivals side closest to the A1 parking lot. This pet relief area is outdoors and a quick walk to both the parking lot and the airport entrance. It looks well-lit and within view of the large airport windows.


Terminal B/Indoor Pet Relief Area: This stop is located in the secure area of the airport by gate 12 and gate 13. Based on the pictures provided, this looks like an accessible space and could be used freely while in a wheelchair. It is not a very private area, and does not seem to be a private room. Your animal may be near other animals while using this facility or waiting in line, and it is important for all animals to remain on-leash.


Terminal C: This pet relief area can be found outside of Terminal C near parking lot C. This area is well-lit and supplied with artificial grass and trash cans.


What to Expect with John Wayne Airport Pet Relief Areas

All animal owners are expected to clean up after their animals while using the facilities. John Wayne makes this a little easier by offering plastic bags and trash cans, as well as sinks and well-draining astroturf. Although, it is never a bad idea to bring your own plastic bags, as these facilities might not be maintained as frequently as a restroom.




John Wayne Airport Pet Policies

If you are making a trip and traveling through John Wayne airport with a pet, check out our airport pet policy guide for you and your pooch here.