There are four post-security animal relief areas at the St. Louis Airport, as well as two outdoor areas. We know it can be very stressful to travel with an animal in an unfamiliar place. Often, the designated areas to relieve your animals are outside, meaning that passengers making a connection will have to leave the secured area, and then come back through, or hope to plead their case to an airport official who can provide an escort. Fortunately, travelers with service animals and other accessibility needs will now have a much more convenient way to relieve their dogs.


STL Airport Map and Pet Terminal Guide

The indoor relief areas are spaced strategically through the airport in order to be convenient to people no matter where they are in the airport. These areas are recent additions to the airport and have been planned to be convenient for as many passengers as possible.

  • One animal relief area is located in Concourse A by gate A16.
  • Another can be found in Concourse C near gate C24.
  • A third location can be found in Terminal 2 near gate E4.
  • The last station is also in Terminal 2 near gate E40.


There are two other STL pet relief areas outside the airport. If you are in Terminal 1, there is an outdoor rest area on the upper west side. Although there is no grass, there is some artificial grass along with a decorative fire hydrant. You can find it outside of exit 6. The pet rest area for terminal 2 is located on the lower level, directly outside of exit 15. You will find the necessary plastic bags and trash cans provided at both of these rest areas, as well as some park benches and decorative fire hydrants. This relief area is surrounded by grassy lawns, and the dog area is not as lush, but still completely functional.

It’s always a good idea to pack a few spares in your bag in case they have run out. The outdoor St. Louis pet relief areas are a larger enclosed space of about 400 sq ft. There are options for seating, and plastic bags available for your convenience.


What to Expect from St. Louis Airport Animal Relief Areas

These facilities are all wheelchair accessible. Inside, you will find a patch of artificial grass with a decorative fire hydrant and a drain in the middle. Your dog can do his business here, and then there are two manners of cleaning up. A hose is attached to the wall nearby, as are some plastic bags. When you’re done, humans can also make use of a sink for washing up afterwards.

St. Louis has made a lot of effort to be sure that you and your animals are comfortable. For more information, use our main page for pet policies at the St. Louis Airport.