There are just two pet relief areas at Tampa International Airport for service animals and traveling pets. These are grassy areas just across from the terminal’s arrival and departure areas. One is close to both baggage claim while the other is slightly closer to ticketing. This placement allows for easy access for both arriving and departing passengers. Additionally, there is an animal relief area located within a secure area, but the airport pet policy states that passengers must contact their airline to access this station. Therefore, it is essential to use the outdoor pet relief areas prior to entering the airport, especially if you don’t want to go through security twice.  

Terminal Guide for Tampa International Airport Pet Relief Area

Pet owners have two pet relief options while traveling through the Tampa airport. Unfortunately, they are both outside of secured areas, meaning you will need to re-enter through security to catch your flight. The first area is accessible on the International Arrivals side of the airport. Exit through the door closest to Baggage Claim Carousel 7 and proceed across the vehicle drive. The dog park will be close to the Valet pick-up area. 

To access the pet relief area on the other side of the airport, exit through the door closest to Baggage Carousel 1—the area closest to the Lost & Found and Medical services. Proceed across the vehicle drive and pass the Off-Airport Parking Lot Shuttles. The dog park will be next to the Parking Garage at ground level.  

TPA Airport Pet Relief Area Map


What to Expect from Tampa International Pet Relief Stations

The Tampa Airport pet relief areas are as basic as they come. Located on either side of the main terminal, these grassy spots are across the vehicle drives of the arrival and departure areas. Those exiting the terminal will find walkways to lead them across the roadway to patches of grass. 


These areas seem unkept and unofficial—they are, simply, patches of grass. There are no solid waste disposal bags provided, and there are no benches, gates, or cleaning systems in place. Trash cans are available near the entrance to the parking garage on the other side of the roadway. If you visit these stations, be sure to bring your own waste bags and water. 

Overall, the Tampa airport will be rather disappointing to those traveling with animals. With a single but elusive secured animal relief station and two small and uninviting outdoor areas, pet owners will need to leave their terminals in search of a clean patch of grass. We should note the strategic placement of these outdoor areas; they are separated by departures and arrivals, meaning you can easily access the facility while entering or exiting the airport. However, this is not enough to make the TPA pet relief areas inviting or convenient.