We have been living through the pandemic for roughly a year now. We think it is safe to say that many people are thinking of the days to come, when we can go out in public comfortably. Maybe we’ll even be able to take a vacation. Normally, plans would start taking shape for the next vacation or road trip with your pup a few months out. The pandemic has put those plans on hold, but with the vaccine rollout underway, we might start to see some things return to normal. To give you a bit of a heads up, we wanted to share some information about how the vaccine will affect the traveling and tourism industry in the months and years to come.


The Vaccine and Travel Restrictions

The immediate future of traveling by air will likely include a proof of vaccination. As countries continue to vaccinate their citizens, having the vaccine is a safer precaution than simply testing negative for the coronavirus before flying. The pandemic has not greatly impacted traveling with pets. Airlines made a rule change in 2020 that prevents emotional support animals from boarding for free. However, pets, like dogs and cats, can still travel in the cabin for a fee.

Travel restrictions will likely stay in place for the time being until the daily cases decline. You can view a list of state travel limits here. To that end, predicting which airlines will require proof of vaccination is hard. Much of post-COVID-19 travel is, ironically, still up in the air. Travelers should see more clarity within a few months.


What Is the Current State of Tourism?

The pandemic halted tourism and hurt many businesses dependent on the industry. The vaccine may represent the hope of returning to normal life, but it may be awhile until tourism is viable again.

Businesses reliant on tourism will have to find ways to adapt their practices to provide safe ways for people to travel and engage with tourism activities.

Even with the vaccine, travelers will likely be cautious to return to pre-COVID-19 tourist behaviors. People might fear large crowds and cramped spaces, which the tourist industry will have to work around. There are several factors to think about in terms of tourism recovery. It will likely take a few years for tourism to regain strength, but eventually, we expect it to come back in full force.


Pandemic Vacation Options 

Until more people are vaccinated, air travel will remain very risky. Vacation options, like camping or road trips, remain a good way to have a change of scenery while maintaining social distancing. Plus, driving with your pet is much easier than flying with them – and cheaper, too. Hotels have increased their cleanliness procedures, making them safe places to stay for short-term trips. If you are itching to get away for a small trip, stick to options that allow for responsible practices.

COVID-19 precautions are still very necessary despite the vaccine getting to more people. The vaccine is a huge step to building herd immunity, but that process will take time. You should still avoid non-essential travel until health officials and airlines indicate a reduced risk for travelers. Travel will come back eventually, so patience is key.