With summer in full swing, you may be looking to get out of the house with your pup and partake in some summer activities. Whether you are traveling 10 minutes to a dog park or across the country on a plane, it’s important to have everything your dog needs to have a successful trip. We’ve put together a list of the summer essentials you may want to have to make sure everyone has a good time.


  1. Portable Water Bowl: You should always bring water whenever you take your dog out of the house. A portable water bowl is a great option because it saves space and is easy to pack in a bag. There are even some water bottles that convert into a water bowl, like this one.
  2. Cooling Mat: Any type of cooling product is ideal for the summer to prevent your pup from overheating. The cooling mats come in different sizes and do not require refrigeration. These are great to bring along to the beach or on a camping trip to give your pet a great place to cool down.
  3. Life Vest: A life vest is a summer essential for any water pup. The life vest lets you take your dog on a kayak or out in a swimming pool, knowing they’ll be safe when they’re in the water. Even if your dog is an experienced swimmer, it is always better to invest in a good life vest. Some dog supply stores even bundle a life vest with floating toys, like this store.
  4. Travel Towel: A towel might not seem essential, but a towel is a versatile item to keep in your summer dog bag. A towel is great for wiping off your dog’s paws if they end up in mud or water before loading them into your car.
  5. Car Seat Cover: Car seat covers allow your dog to join you on car trips without ruining your car seats. Many seat covers are machine washable and attach easily to the head rests. Dogs can be messy, so you can still bring them along for the ride while protecting your car.
  6. Collapsible Swimming Pool: Swimming pools are both practical and fun for dogs. The water lets the dogs cool off while getting enrichment from the experience. There are many foldable or collapsible pool options which let you take the pool on the go.
  7. Pet Sunscreen: Pet sun care is very important during the summer. Pet sunscreen products come in a balm, spray, or wipe format which makes for easy application. You should not use human sunscreen on dogs, as they can be toxic. Instead, look for dog-specific sunscreen to use for your pet.


The list goes on for summer pet essentials, but these should get you started. You may need more specific dog items depending on where you live or what activities you like to do with your dog. Having all that your dog needs because you head out on your next adventure makes sure your dog can have a good time.  Need something else? Check out our pet travel supplies section for more ideas.