Most pet owners will tell you: raising a dog is not easy. New pet parents need to know to draw a line between affection and indulgence. For some dogs, these owner interactions can facilitate rowdiness and bad behavior. If you’re a new pet parent, or if you’re thinking about adopting a pup, it is extremely crucial for dog parents to understand dog psychology. Here are a few ways to ensure good behavior in your future pet.

Train your dog from the beginning

Don’t wait too long to train your dog after adopting a puppy. Rather, you should start training your pup as soon as you bring it home. Training from an early age helps your dog to develop good habits and avoid bad ones. Remember that older dogs take far more time to be trained compared to puppies; the older the dog, the more habits it’s already formed. Training a dog is also beneficial for its mental growth and physical health. It helps your dog to develop a healthy routine.

Don’t tolerate bad behavior

As much as we love our pups, dog parents often mistake indulgence for love. It is okay to accept certain characteristics of your pet. However, you should not indulge your dog when they exhibit bad behavior. People tend to ignore certain puppy behaviors because of their age and immaturity. If you do this, your setting yourself – and your dog – up for a tough adolescence and adulthood.

Remember: Just like as children need to be guided, your dog needs it too. Working on your pup’s behavior doesn’t mean you love them any less. Instead, it signifies you love your dog the most and hence want it to lead a proper lifestyle.

Reward good behavior

Dogs know how to differentiate between rewards and punishment, and they need both. They can understand causal relationships, which means they can determine that their actions facilitate a reaction from you – be it a treat or a scold. Always reward your dog for good behavior. Doing so will motivate your dog to behave well all the time. You should also remember to reprimand your pup whenever they misbehave. This helps your dog to understand which behaviors are good and bad.

Be consistent

Dog parents should remember to be consistent in their training. This helps the dog to understand your commands and understand which behaviors are allowed. It is best to repeat commands when beginning training so that your dog understands their meanings over time. Remember, the best way to train your dog is to keep up a consistent practice.

Don’t entertain sneaking food

It is crucial to ensure your dog has healthy eating habits. Dogs can develop the habit of sneaking their favorite snacks right from the table or your plate. If something like this happens, you’ll want to immediately address the behavior. This will help prevent them from doing it again in the future. Though such behavior might often be regarded as childish initially, it can become annoying – even unhealthy – as your dog gets older. Of course, you would prefer a well-behaved dog when you have guests at home. The only way to ensure this is by feeding your dog at frequent intervals and setting a strict routine for them.

Dogs also have the habit of chewing whatever they see. Puppies tend to do this during the teething process. Pet parents need to check this habit to prevent pups from choking or becoming ill. Allowing miscellaneous chewing can cause certain health conditions, which require trips to the animal hospital.

If you are really concerned about a health issue, you should also consider pet insurance for your dog. Pet insurance provides your dog with financial coverage in case of any emergency or sudden illness, and it reduces your financial burden. Do a few searches for ‘How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?’ This should help you to get a better idea of the different kinds of insurance policies available for your dog. You’ll learn more about their costs and which plan is suitable for your needs.

Train your dog to behave with veterinarians

Dogs often misbehave with vets, especially when they’re poked and prodded for vaccinations and blood draws. While on the one hand, you should take your dog to a pet-friendly vaccination center, it is also important to teach your dog obedience and ensure they are acquainted with their vets. Doing so ensures better communication between your dog and the vet. It also encourages better treatment and faster recovery.

The psychology of dogs is similar to that of humans. Thus, raising a dog is the same as raising children. New dog parents need to undertake various steps to ensure good behavior in your pet. Following the steps mentioned above can help you to raise a healthy, well-trained, and friendly dog.