People are traveling with their pets way more than in years past. As pet travel trends grow across the United States, major hotels have taken notice. Two extended stay brands that are recognizing the change include Homewood Suites by Hilton and Home2 Suites by Hilton. The brands plan on introducing new pet-friendly amenities over the next year.

Hilton will classify nearly 1,000 extended stay properties as pet-friendly by 2022. Hilton plans on adding Homewood Suites and Home2 Suites to that growing portfolio. The change means Hilton will permit pets in guest rooms. Similarly, Hilton plans to allow pets in many of their public areas. These changes are not the only ones that will make travel easier for pet owners. By 2022, both brands will coordinate pet fees. Previously, hotels charged a pet fee on an individual basis. After the standardization, both brands will cost $50 per stay across their North American portfolio.


Who Benefits from Pet-Friendly Hotels?

Many travelers who want to work remotely find extended stay hotels appealing. These hotels, and vacation rental properties, hold a mass appeal over crowded offices. Travelers also feel increasingly comfortable that they can bring their pets with them. The ASPCA has found that nearly 20% of American households added a new pet since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. A KRC Research survey found that from 85% of pet owners planning on traveling within the next year, 65% of them intended on bringing their pet.


What is the New Hotel Pet Pilot Program?

Along with these latest changes comes a pilot program. The program will offer complimentary digital assistance from pet experts to visitors at certain hotels. Guests can speak with experts about any wellness and behavioral questions. The pilot program hopes to alleviate the stress from traveling with a pet.

The program, by partnering with Hilton, also strives to help make additional cities become more pet-friendly. Guests will also have access to getting phone or online tips. These tips may range from learning more about pet etiquette to what to pack for your pet. Guests can also learn if a pet visit is important during their travels.


Why are Pet-Friendly Hotels Significant?

Pet owners across the country know that traveling with a pet has become increasingly difficult. Over the last year, airlines have revised travel regulations and reconsidered classifications for emotional support animals. More recently, pet travel has gotten harder due to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s rabies rule and higher-priced pet “tickets.”

Prior to the C.D.C.’s limitations, people could at one time easily fly their pets across the United States. However, in certain respects, our pets will have a harder time traveling amongst all of the new restrictions than we do with COVID-19 travel regulations. That makes the pet-friendly hotels significant for travelers right now. People know that they have a place to go by multiple modes of transportation where they will not have to pay a high pet fee.