Energetic, affectionate, and loud, the Affenpinscher is known to have larger-than-life personalities, often soliciting laughter from owners and strangers for their funny attitudes and seriousness. Affenpinschers are curious, playful dogs, which make them great life companions. Often, the key is to get a puppy and start its training early to help shape its temperament. Socialized with people but comfortable in a crate, an Affenpinscher can be an excellent travel partner.



Size and Travel Options

When it comes to in-cabin travel, the Affenpinscher is the perfect size. Generally, adults grow to be 9-11.5 inches tall and weigh between 7-10 pounds, depending on the dog’s age and diet. This means all but the tallest Affenpinschers should be viable candidates for flying in the cabin with an airline-approved carrier. Because this breed doesn’t like to be alone, you should get a carrier from which the dog can still see you. If at all avoidable, it’s not the best idea to fly an Affenpinscher in the cargo hold, especially if it’s prone to stress and stress-induced respiratory issues. Nevertheless, when traveling by your side in a carrier it feels comfortable with, these dogs should also be fine with trains, subways, and automobiles.

Personality as a Travel Companion

Affenpinschers are often great with pets and other dogs, and they can be extremely curious, stubborn, and mischievous. These dogs also have a tendency to climb and bark, which could spell trouble on long flights. However, this tiny breed is surprisingly adaptable and easy to train. If you’re still worried about your Affenpinscher barking up a storm on the plane, simply carry a bag of his favorite treats.

A good choice for the avid traveler, once an Affenpinscher grows accustomed to flying, you aren’t likely to have any major mishaps. Despite considerable shedding and regular brushing to prevent matting, the Affenpinscher’s wiry and slow-growing fur is considered hypoallergenic. So long as you don’t mind the brushing, bimonthly trimming and grooming should be plenty to keep your pet’s fur looking its best.Adorable and engaging, this is a great dog to bring home for the holidays and show off to the family. For the lone business traveler, doggy daycare may be a good idea to keep your pet company during the day.

Health and Longevity

As with most toy-sized dogs, Affenpinschers have a relatively long life expectancy of about 12-15 years. These dogs are generally healthy, but they have a tendency to suffer from minor diseases, including patellar luxation and corneal ulcers. These are relatively easy to address for parents who want to travel. A comfortable, sturdy blanket should be enough to comfort your pet. However, some Affenpinschers can develop respiratory issues or heart conditions. While often healthy throughout most of its adult life, your Affenpinscher should still visit the veterinarian prior to your flight. Adoption centers and breeders can also screen for many genetic and health conditions.  

Affenpinscher Breeders and Adoption Centers

Though not widely known among recreational dog enthusiasts, Affenpinschers are relatively inexpensive. You can often find an adult dog that’s been screened for health conditions for just a few hundred dollars from an adoption center. If you choose to buy a puppy through a breeder, you should expect to pay between $800-$1,200. When choosing your new best friend, ask questions about possible genetic issues, such as respiratory and cardiac issues. Do your best to find a pup with a calm temperament to ensure travel success.