As we soak up those last days of summer sun, we often can expect end-of-season heat waves. Unsurprisingly, the intense heat can make us further inclined to travel.

However, dog owners know that traveling with a pet presents challenges. If you plan to bring your dog on your next flight or day trip, make sure to consider these safety precautions.

Evaluate Your Car

Make sure your car is as ready for a day trip as you. Getting stranded will not make traveling with a pet any easier. You should also make sure the air conditioning works. A broken AC will only lead to both you and your dog becoming overheated.

Get An Early Start

You and your dog should leave well-before the temperature enters the triple digits. Dog owners know well that early morning walks are preferable in the summer.

Freeze Water

You should fill two-thirds of your liter bottles the night before you leave. Make sure to freeze the bottles once you do. You should carry a bottle of unfrozen water as well. As your frozen water thaws throughout the day, you can provide your dog with cool water during rest stops.

Pack Extra Water

You can never have too much water for you and your pet. But for the sake of space, pack twice as much water as you consider necessary. Delays can happen at any moment. You can use the extra water to pour on your overheated pup.

Frequently Offer Water

Fill about one-third of a silicone cake pan with water. You should also explore travel cups for your dog. You can easily attach collapsible cups to a dog walking bag.

Schedule with Consideration

Take a moment to consider the hottest times of day. From lunch until dinner, the heat can become oppressive and tire out or harm your dog. Taking a late evening beach walk is advisable. The same applies for early morning activities, like swimming and exercising.

Be Mindful of the Pavement

There are days when we cannot tolerate walking barefoot on the pavement or sand. So, just imagine how it would feel on your dog’s paws. If your dog needs to relieve themselves, lead them toward grass or a shady area. If you are in the heart of a city, bring protective boots for your dog. Spreading a makeshift towel or pouring some water also works if your dog needs to stand outside for a few minutes.

Do Not Leave Your Dog Alone

Leaving your dog alone in the car, especially during a heat wave, can endanger them. Look for the nearest PetSmart or Petco for restroom stops. The stores are dog-friendly and convenient for when you travel alone with your dog.

Check Often for Heat Stress

Knowing the signs of a heat stroke can keep your dog safe when traveling during a heat wave. A few signs to look out for include any foaming at the mouth, uncontrollable panting, and if the tongue or gums change from the color bright red to blue, and then to gray.