Write for Us

We often get requests to write content for us, so we created this structure and agreement for those who feel they have something to say, that should be said here.

Cost to post: $75

Payment method: paypal

Stats as of 4/21/2021

DA: 20

PA: 28

TF: 25

CF: 37

Length requirement: 400+ words

Linking: Fine to link wherever, but none of the bad stuff. We will pull down any links we deem to be unsavory. Basically, be cool and you’ll have a place to write. Take advantage and we’ll take it down.

Space/Subject Matter: We are Dogs on Planes. Our lane is pets and travel. If you have something in these spaces, we’d love to read it. If it isn’t, we probably say no. There are exceptions, but if you don’t get a response from us, know that you aren’t the exception. If you follow up on a submission we didn’t respond to, you have your answer.

How to Submit: Put “Guest Post Submission” in the subject line. Paste your article in the body of the email. No attachments will be opened.

We will respond if we approve of the content or need changes to fit into our site.

When we reach an agreement, we will send along our paypal account. When the funds reach our account, we will publish the content within 7 days or can schedule out farther if you need it for any seasonal or timeliness reasons. 

Response Time: We usually respond within 48 hours.

No duplicate content, article-spinning, or the like. The article must pass Copyscape Premium and EduBirdie Plagiarism Checker.

We reserve the right to remove anything that is later deemed to be published in bad faith for any reason. We aren’t looking to get into any political jackpots or have our site banned as the result of a guest post. Please don’t mess around. A blog post isn’t worth the headache for either of us. We are easy going people. Just be cool.