Hawaiian Airlines pet policy allows passengers to travel with their pets in cabin, as checked baggage, or as cargo—one of the few airlines to offer all three options. This makes the airline a popular option for pets of all sizes, as the cargo option permits animals up to 277 lbs. Onboard, Hawaiian Airlines permits most dogs, cats, and household birds.  

Though Hawaiian Airlines pet policy allows most pets to fly, it also relies heavily on animal laws from the State of Hawaii for its pet-related policies. Restrictions relating to the animal’s size, breed, and status (trained service animal, emotional support animal, etc) exist.

Flying with an animal is often unpredictable. To its credit, the airline does an admirable job in helping passengers understand the rules. You can find both a user-friendly travel guide and a formal contract of carriage for Hawaiian Airlines animal and pet policies. We still prefer our way of helping people determine whether their pets are a good fit for traveling with Hawaiian Airlines.  

  • Flying with Pets in the CabinPets must fit comfortably in a carrier under the seat in front of the passenger. To ensure you can successfully fly with your animal, read about the Hawaiian Airlines policies for pets in the cabin 
  • Flying with Pets in Checked Baggage: Pets must obtain the appropriate veterinary certificates to fly safely in the cargo hold. Temperatures must also remain with a safe range for this to be a viable option. To make sure you can successfully fly with your pet, read about the Hawaiian Airlines policies for pets in checked baggage. 
  • Flying Pets in CargoPets must be certified by a veterinarian to fly safely in the cargo hold. Temperatures must also stay within a safe range for that animal. To make sure you can successfully fly your pet in cargo, read about Hawaiian Airline’s cargo travel service.  
  • Service Animal Policies: Hawaiian Airlines is happy to accommodate animals trained to assist passengers with disabilities and those used for emotional support or psychiatric service. Exemptions are provided for these animals, but some restrictions still apply. Learn about specific Hawaiian Airlines service animal policies, including the airline’s travel form for emotional support animals. To determine if your dog qualifies to be certified as a Psychiatric Service Dog and can be accepted as such on Hawaiian Airlines, you can visit Pettable’s PSD service.


Other Hawaiian Airlines Pet Policies and Programs 

Hawaiian Airlines pet policies are dynamic—they can change depending on your destination or departing location. Hawaii, in particular, has many requirements of animals entering the state. Hawaii is a rabies-free state, meaning that dogs and cats can be quarantined when entering the state. Special permits must also be obtained for other pets. Quarantine can last up to 120 days and can be applied to pets residing in Hawaii if they do not complete the “5-day-or-less Program.” 


It can take months of pre-planning to bring an animal in without quarantine. Since this is a state requirement, not one imposed by Hawaiian Airlines, passengers should contact the Animal Industry Division regarding travel arrangements and fees to enter the state. If state requirements are not met, the animal may be denied boarding or denied entry into the state. In either case, the passenger traveling with the animal is responsible for all costs and expenses involved in boarding the animal or additional transportation. 


We recommend passengers utilize our Airport Travel Guide to find maps of pet relief areas and cargo facility locations for all major U.S. airports.