Just because a pet isn’t the perfect image of health and calm manners doesn’t mean it can’t travel. Whether your beloved pet gets anxious, suffers from pain and physical discomfort, or struggles with indigestion and loss of appetite, there may be medications to help make the journey go easier. For stress and anxiety, too many pet owners go straight for a general sedative that will knock their pet out. This is only an option for pets with strong heart and respiratory health.

That said, not all relaxation aids are sedatives. There are also plenty of essential oils and herbal supplements formulated to help pets manage stressful environments. If you believe your pet would benefit from a relaxation aid, here is a trusted source where you can shop for calming pet medications for flights and for other pet travel plans.


CBD Medications for Pets

One of the more popular alternatives to a general sedative is also one of the newest. While still controversial, it’s believed that cannabidiols (CBDs) work much the same way in dogs as they do in humans to alleviate pain and to reduce anxiety. CBD dog treats interact with your dog’s own endocannabidiol system to offer some measure of relief from arthritis, joint and muscle pain, as well as anxiety. These treats have no THC in them—the psychoactive chemicals that produce marijuana’s notorious “high.” (THC is toxic to dogs and ingesting significant amounts can be dangerous.) It also means that CBD pet medications are legal to buy and ship throughout the U.S.


Other Conditions and Medications

Another common symptom for pets who are stressed while traveling is indigestion and loss of appetite. If your pet has a tendency to stop eating and/or vomit, there are dietary supplements out there which can help this problem. Easy-to-digest food products (such as Goats Milk Esbilac) are great to have for puppies, older dogs, and show dogs who need nutrients and calories even when they can’t chow down on a bunch of food.


Vets and Pet Medication Suppliers

In every case, the best plan is to talk these options over with your dog’s vet. You may have already consulted the vet, but your supply has run dry. Regardless, it’s own you to find a reliable supplier of animal medications within your travel timeframe and at a fair market price. The good news is we can help direct your search: We recommend starting here for pet medications and here for CBD pet treatments.


Medication Dispensers

Some pets take an essential dietary supplement, most commonly to help protect their kidneys or heart. CBD treats are based on your pet’s weight, and most medications are dose dependent. More than just a convenient way to pack your dog’s medications, storage containers specifically designed to store and dispense medications make these doses easier to track. It also simplifies things for airline personnel who may be charged with administering the medications while a pet is held in a cargo facility and waiting for the next leg of their journey.


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