We all want to believe that the only thing we need when going on an adventure is ourselves and our beloved travel companion. The reality is that you’re also going to need a few essential travel supplies including health certificates and travel documentation. Here, you can shop for the pet carriers, harnesses, bedding, toys, travel kits, and other accessories. We have information about pet travel products for practically any kind of pet and any kind of travel.

Carriers, Crates, and Kennels: Whether traveling with a pet in a carrier or shipping them separately in a kennel, the size, design and construction of the travel crate are crucial to make sure it qualifies. Different airlines, passenger trains, subways, taxis, and ride-share vehicles may each have slightly different allowances for stowage space. Many airlines in particular also have rules prohibiting less durable materials and certain kinds of hardware. Also, food and water bowls must be inside the carrier but accessible from the outside.

Bedding and Seat Covers: Depending on mode of travel, the destination, and the length of the trip, this may include multiple bedding and seat cover options. That’s because you’ll need some type of bedding liner for the pet carrier or kennel. This liner needs to be thin enough to avoid making the carrier feel cramped, but it also needs to be absorbent in case your pet ends up getting stressed or otherwise relieves themselves inside the crate. You may also want a fuller bedding option if you’re not planning on staying in pet-friendly option. Seat covers that will allow your pet to ride in a car—whether it’s your friend’s car or an Uber driver—without shedding, drooling, or worse on the upholstery.

Toys and Accessories: More than just the pet’s medicine, you should have a reliable container to hold and dispense the medicine. Every pet owner should also consider bringing a first-aid kit with a handful of items that can help make your pet more comfortable if it suffers an ailment while traveling. Sore paw treatment is a common item to help dogs that may be forced to walk over rough, hot, or otherwise unfamiliar terrain. Special food and water bowls is a popular add-on travel item, as is any number of treats and toys. We typically recommend bringing a combination of favorite toys from home, as well as new toys and treats your pet may enjoy. Be mindful of packing more toys than you can reasonably keep track of.

Seatbelts, Harnesses, Leashes, Collars, and Restraints: Some pet owners need something more than just the standard collar and leash that you use to walk the dog around the neighborhood. Other pet owners may need a safety restraint to successfully navigate crowded public areas. Or maybe you need to buy and pack a dog run to help ensure your pet can get its exercise while traveling. People with disabilities may need to order a special harness or safety leash for their working dog/service animal.