There are two Cincinnati International Airport pet relief areas—one before and one after security. The outdoor area is more popular with passengers flying out of Cincinnati and who want to give their pet one last opportunity to stretch their legs and do their business. The indoor area is more convenient for passengers traveling with pets and who have a layover in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. This indoor station can also become a valuable resource for passengers who experience a series of unexpected flight delays.

The CVG Airport pet policy requires that all pets stay in their carriers while inside the airport. The only exceptions to this policy include service animals, the pet relief station, and when going through airport security. The pet carrier will go through the X-ray machine and you’ll hold your pet in the body scanner.


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CVG Airport Pet Relief Areas Terminal Guide

  • The outdoor relief area is on the east end of Terminal 3 on the Baggage Claim level near the Ground Transportation Center. This is a fenced area, modest in size but still big enough for your pet to be comfortable. Waste disposal gloves should be available, but we recommend bringing your own as a backup. Terminal 3 is the most heavily used terminal for passengers as it leads to Concourse A and Concourse B (see below).
  • The indoor pet relief station is on Concourse A, near Gate A18. Keep in mind that while the Cincinnati Airport website describes this station as “centrally located,” what they mean is Concourse A is located near the center of the entire airport. However, you’ll still have to walk almost the entire length of Concourse A to reach the animal relief station. For this reason, you’ll need to leave a few extra minutes in the schedule if you plan to use this relief station. This is especially true for Delta passengers who are more than likely going to fly out of Concourse B.

More likely, you’ll use the outdoor animal relief area as a final stop for your pet. Nevertheless, you’ll at least want to know about the indoor pet relief station should your flight be delayed for any considerable amount of time.

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport Map

What to Expect from CVG Airport Animal Relief Stations

These animal relief areas are quite different from one another. The outdoor fenced area is generally a more pleasant experience than the indoor relief station. On the other hand, like using a public restroom for convenience, you don’t have to deal with security, and when we visited the indoor relief station is plenty clean enough to use a quick-stop for a pet that hasn’t had the opportunity in a little while.

The CVG pet relief areas are kind of like the city itself—functional, industrious, and value-driven—but with few frills or pomp. So long as you’re not looking for doggie daycare or a deluxe grooming service, you should have little trouble using the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport for your pet travel needs.