Sun Country Airlines pet policy is to accept cats and dogs as carry-on luggage for most flights within the 48 contiguous United States. Until recently, the airline also accepted pets as checked baggage, but the airline discontinued this part of its policy in 2018. Even in the cabin, pets must not pose a hazard to the safety or health of any passenger or crew member. The airline is committed to safe travel for all its passengers, people and animals, but it also continues to accommodate small pets and service animals as part of its air travel services.  

The following information about Sun Country Airlines pet policies will help you determine if your furry friend is eligible for travel. 



  • Flying with Pets in the Cabin: Generally, the safest way to fly with a pet, the only problem with flying in the cabin is that it’s only available to small dogs and cats that fit under the seat. Even then, you still need to know the rules, make your reservation, and prepare your pet for travel.  
  • Flying with Pets in Checked Baggage: Sun Country Airlines pet policy no longer allows animals to travel as checked baggage. You can still see the old rules and information for comparison if you’d like.  
  • Service Animal Policy: Sun Country offers accessibility services to any passenger with a disability. These services include the ability to fly with a service animal. Sun Country no longer allows emotional support animals to fly as service animals. Learn how airline policies supplement federal regulations for service animals. To determine if your dog qualifies to be certified as a Psychiatric Service Dog and can be accepted as such on Sun Country Airlines, you can visit Pettable’s PSD service.


More Sun Country Airlines Pet Policies 

The airline does not allow pets to travel in cargo. This includes live warm-blooded animals and venomous cold-blooded animals. Pets are also not accepted on international flights. In the airport, pets must stay in their carriers except when going through security or visiting an animal relief area. Service animals trained to behave in public are exempt from the carrier requirement.  

Sun Country is not responsible if travelers miss a flight while taking their pet to a relief area. You can find these animal relief areas at every major U.S. airport with our Airport Travel Guide.