If you have a question about upcoming travel plans or if you want to share a story about your pet travel experience, we encourage our audience to reach out to us:

Dogs on Planes always want to provide the best possible information. This includes firsthand reports from people who ship or travel with their pets, in addition to our rigorous industry research and relationships with vet clinics, breeders, and travel companies. No matter how much pet travel information we provide on our site, we couldn’t possibly anticipate all the odd cases of pet and animal travel. Every animal and every pet owner has slightly different needs, preferences, and modes of travel.

Much of this information is also subject to change as airlines and transportation carriers update their pet and animal policies. These companies are always looking for ways to expand their services and revenue streams, but they’re also mindful about protecting their reputation as a safe and responsible travel company.

The day-to-day reality of pet travel is evolving with the field of veterinary sciences, as well as the amenities and technologies of the travel industry itself. As airlines create more pay-for travel options and ride-share companies make it easier to travel with pets around destination cities, the rules and best practices for pet travel have changed a lot just over the last few years. Help us track and report on the latest trends and policy changes. Contact Dogs on Planes.