Nashville Airport Service Animal Policies

Assistance animals are welcome to travel with passengers who have disabilities. Certain exemptions are provided to these animals, but some rules and restrictions still apply. To determine if your dog qualifies to be certified as a Psychiatric Service Dog and can be accepted as such for air travel, you can visit Pettable’s PSD service.

Nashville International Airport Pet Relief Areas

Nashville International offers just one pet relief area, which is pre-security. The pet area is located on the North and South ends of the central terminal on the “Departures” level (Level 3, curbside). It is easily accessible from anywhere in the airport. If you are exiting the building at the northern-most exit, turn left, and if you are exiting on the southern-most exit, turn right. Then, walk about 60 feet from the last set of double doors. The small area, a 6’ x 10’ raised platform with artificial grass, is at the end of the covered area. Waste bags are provided for pet parents to use, but we recommend bringing some of your own just in case. The Nashville Airport BNA pet policy strictly enforces waste clean-up in all of the airport’s pet amenities.

BNA Airport Pet Cargo Locations


If your pet travelled to or through Nashville BNA as cargo, your airline will require you to pick him up from the cargo facility. While this may be difficult in some airports, Nashville’s is small enough that you shouldn’t have trouble locating the cargo facilities. All commercial airline cargo holds are located along Airport Service Road, the throughway just beyond the main Departures and Arrivals loop. While we don’t recommend walking here (there are very few, if any, sidewalks), it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to locate the buildings.


Alaska Air


Alaska Air Cargo


963 Airport Service Road


Nashville, TN




Southwest Airlines


Southwest Airlines Cargo


969 Airport Service Road


Nashville, TN




Frontier Airlines


Frontier Airlines Cargo


941 Airport Service Road


Nashville, TN




Though uncommon, your animal may have travelled as checked baggage. If this is the case, you can retrieve your furry friend in the excess baggage section of the general baggage claim area.



More Nashville International Airport Pet Policies


As part of its pet policy, the Nashville International Airport states that all animals, whether pets or service dogs, must be leashed at all times. The BNA pet policy requires that all pets remain in their carriers or crates unless working as a service animal or using a designated relief area. Service animals are permitted in the terminal, but the airport recommends contacting your airline for specific instructions.


Nashville BNA is a relatively low-traffic airport, which means there are generally fewer people than one might expect passing through security at a given time. Although the only pet relief area is in an unsecure (pre-security) area, it won’t take pet parents much time to exit and re-enter the airport. Plus, the Nashville BNA pet policy states that people who need to access the relief are from the secured portion of the airport can contact an airline representative as an escort. This person will act as a chaperone to bring you and your pup to the relief station without needing to pass through security again.


While the Nashville International Airport pet policy can be strict when it comes to keeping animals contained, it appears the airport is willing to work with pet parents to provide the most comfortable and convenient experience possible – even in a tiny airport. If you’re looking for information about a different airport, check out our airport guide