Charlotte Douglas Airport Service Animal Policies

Assistance animals are welcome to travel with passengers who have disabilities. Certain exemptions are provided to these animals, but some rules and restrictions still apply. To determine if your dog qualifies to be certified as a Psychiatric Service Dog and can be accepted as such for air travel, you can visit Pettable’s PSD service.

Charlotte Douglas Pet Relief Areas

The Charlotte Douglas Airport has seven official pet relief areas, five inside and two outside the airport terminal. The first indoor pet relief area is pre-security, in Baggage Claim, between Zone D and Zone E. The rest of the indoor pet relief areas are easily accessible to all passengers, as they are located post-security in high-traffic areas. One post-security indoor area is located in the A/B Connector. The others are on the Concourse A Connector (between Gates A1-A13 and A21-A29), near the restrooms located between Concourses D and E, and under the stairs on Concourse E. Charlotte Douglas is an easily-navigated airport. Pet parents need only locate the central Atrium to understand where they are in the airport.  

The Charlotte Airport also has two small pre-security outdoor areas. They are located outside the terminal at the ends (West and East) of the Arrivals/Baggage Claim level. Many travelers also learn to improvise: The large fountain directly outside baggage claim boasts several patches of grass perfect for letting your dog stretch his legs. However, this is not an official relief area recognized by the CLT Airport pet policy, so it does not have the amenities you might expect. We recommend bringing your own bags and water if Fido wants to spend some time in this grassy area.  

CLT Airport Pet Cargo Locations

If your pet is too large to fly with you in the cabin, he will travel as either cargo or checked baggage. If your airline allows the latter, you can process his travel at flight check-in upon departure and at the excess baggage claim when arriving.  

The more-likely option is that your pet travels as cargo. When it is time to pick up your drop off your dog, Charlotte Douglas Airport pet policy requires you to visit the airline-specific facility. Relevant location and contact information is listed below. Keep in mind there is no public transportation to and from these buildings, so it is necessary to arrange pet-friendly private transportation.  


United Airlines Cargo
JetStream Ground Services
4402 Yorkmont Road
Charlotte, NC 28208


Delta Airlines Cargo
3628-A Yorkmont Road
Charlotte, NC 28208


American Airlines Cargo
4706 Yorkmont Road
Charlotte, NC 28208


If your pet is travelling as checked baggage or cargo, we advise taking weather into consideration—especially when flying into or out of CLT. If the temperature rises above 85 degrees Fahrenheit (as it is wont to do in North Carolina), it may be unsafe for your pet to fly.  


More Charlotte Douglas International Airport Pet Policies

As with most airports, the Charlotte Douglas pet policy is quick to point out that specific policies for traveling with pets are dictated by the airlines themselves. However, the airport has several rules regarding animals within the building. Except for service animals, pets should remain in their carriers while indoors. The only situational exceptions exist for when dogs are traveling through security or is utilizing a pet relief area.  

Additionally, the provided animal relief areas are not enclosed rooms. To prevent accidents, ensure that your dog is on a leash while using the restroom. This will also be advantageous if a line forms. These areas are small and can only accommodate 1-2 dogs at a time.  

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