Pet toys are available for every size, breed, and personality of dog. There are durable chew toys, pull ropes, and pull rings. There are bone- and stick-shaped chew toys. There are tons of animal and novelty-shaped chew toys. Chew toys can be designed for dental health or as a puppy pacifier. There are chew toys designed for long-lasting durability, and there are limited-use toys that might last only a single flight. Bacon, pork, steak, chicken, or fish, there’s pretty much every kind of flavor out there to make the toy your dog’s new favorite.

Being Considerate of Pets and Fellow Passengers

But while there are a ton of good options out there, there are a few bad ones as well. If you’re flying a small dog in the cabin of the plane, we recommend avoiding squeaky chew toys that are likely to irritate other passengers on the plane. This high-pitched noise stuck on repeat can rival a crying baby. You may even be asked to take the toy away from your dog.

So, if your dog’s favorite toy is a squeaker, it’s time to shop around and buy some new options for the flight. If you have reason to think it’s the noise itself that helps keep your dog calm, there’s good news. They make silent chew toys that emit a squeak which only dogs can hear.

If your pet has a favorite toy that’s borderline on the squeaky scale, you might also think about carrying an extra pair of headphones to offer a fellow passenger. We still recommend having alternate options on hand in case the squeak-factor gets out of hand.

Something Old, Something New

One popular strategy for pet toys is to pack one new toy and one old favorite for inside the pet carrier. For travel of any significant length, you’ll want to have an extra toy or two. We’ve all made sacrifices to the travel gods, and you never can tell what you may lose along the way.

You don’t want to deal with the extra stress of traveling without having everything you need, and you don’t want to take valuable time out of your trip to track down extra chew toys, treats, or food. Find the best and the best-priced chew toys.


More Pet Toys

  • Cat Toys: Whether they like balls that rattle or toy birds that chirp when pawed at, cat toys have more of a gray area when it comes to other passengers and an acceptable noise level. Just like chew toys for dogs, there is no shortage of options. Check here for great new toys when traveling with your cat.
  • Bones and Treats: An old favorite chew toy can be one of a handful of essential pet travel items you don’t want to forget. Along with food, bowls, and pads, dog bones and chewable treats can be great items to pack in tandem with the tried-and-true chew toy.

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