Need help choosing a dog breed for your next pet and travel companion? Our Dog Breed Guide is just the resource you’ve been looking for. Rather than a single breed that checks all the boxes, there are a handful of essential characteristics that make certain breeds better than most as travel companions, especially for air travel. We can help you quickly narrow down the list of potential breeds or even find the perfect answer for your travel-minded lifestyle. 

Do you need a dog that’s okay being left alone for several hours at a time while you’re in business meetings? Do you need a breed that won’t need a lot of grooming while traveling? One that’s hypoallergenic? One that’s good with children? One that’s small enough to fit inside an airline-approved carrier, but still hearty enough to go with you on outdoor adventures? Let Dogs on Planes guide your search.


What Makes Our Dog Breed Guide Different?

We’re not going to pretend that we’re the only dog breed guide out there. If you’re looking for general information about dog breeds, we recommend the guide published by the American Kennel Club. Another great example is this dog breed guide put together by our friends at Rover.

A lot of people have lingering questions about which dog breeds specifically make for great travel companions. We’ve done the research on individual dog breeds, combined it with our expertise on pet travel, and created this breed-by-breed directory for choosing your next pet travel companion. You can also email us if you have follow-up questions.


Small Dog Breed Guide

We’re still working on adding some of the larger and rarer breeds to our list, but this guide is a great starting point for people who want pets who can travel with them on flights in the cabin of the plane.


Biewer Terrier  

Brussels Griffon

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels



English Toy Spaniel         


Japanese Chin  


Manchester Terrier       

Norfolk Terrier 

Norwich Terrier





Russian Bolonka

Russian Toy

Shih Tzu              

Silky Terrier       

Toy Fox Terrier 

Yorkshire Terrier