Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) Pet Policy

Chicago O’Hare Airport Pet Relief Areas
Chicago O’Hare is home to four accessible pet relief areas. The three outdoor options are located on the lower levels of Terminals 1, 2, and 5, and their indoor option is in Terminal 3’s Rotunda area. The outdoor options are outfitted with grass, gravel, and/or woodchips, whereas the indoor pet relief area is complete with fake grass and a mock fire hydrant. As with most airports, Chicago O’Hare Airport pet policy requires all dogs to be in carriers or crates while in the airport. The only exceptions occur during security screenings and while utilizing one of the pet relief areas.



ORD Pet Cargo Locations

If your dog is able to travel as checked baggage, the Chicago O’Hare International Airport pet policy is to check him in at the airline counter and pick him up in the excess baggage section of your arrival terminal.

If your pet is traveling cargo to Chicago, O’Hare Airport pet policies require you to drop him off and pick him up at your airline’s designated cargo facility. O’Hare’s cargo facilities are conveniently located within the same road loop. West Cargo Road, South Access Road, and North Access Road create the borders of O’Hare’s cargo area. There is no shuttle service to and from these cargo buildings, but the area is easily accessible by road.


United Cargo

630 North Access Road

Chicago, IL 60666



Delta Cargo

North Access Road, Building 613

Chicago, IL 60666



American Airlines Cargo

Chicago, IL 60666

610 North Access Road, Building 33



Lufthansa Cargo

616 South Access Road

Chicago, IL 60666



Essential O’Hare Airport Pet Policy Tips
O’Hare International Airport moves approximately 1.8 million tons of freight each year, meaning that, in addition to being a popular passenger airport, the location is a high-traffic cargo transporter. In fact, O’Hare is among the top 25 cargo airports by volume globally. If your dog travels as cargo, he will be in experienced hands—but you might also need to be patient when picking him up. Though the airport just introduced a new cargo campus, plan for a potentially long wait before seeing your pup.

Though getting your pet from cargo may be a hassle, O’Hare is a surprisingly animal-friendly airport. As mentioned, Chicago O-Hare pet policies regarding animals in the airport restricts your dog to the carrier at (almost) all times. However, the new indoor pet relief area provides pets and their parents the opportunity to spend some time outside of the crate. However, though there is no designated pet policy regarding time spent at the indoor animal relief facility, keep in mind that this is the only area—aside from security—where animals are allowed outside of their carriers. Be aware of other pets’ and travelers’ needs when spending time here.