San Francisco Airport Service Animal Policies

Assistance animals are welcome to travel with passengers who have disabilities. Certain exemptions are provided to these animals, but some rules and restrictions still apply. To determine if your dog qualifies to be certified as a Psychiatric Service Dog and can be accepted as such for air travel, you can visit Pettable’s PSD service.

San Francisco Airport Pet Relief Areas

The San Francisco International Airport has seven pet relief areas in total. Indoor locations include two pet relief areas in Terminal 1, one in Terminal 2, one in Terminal 3, and one in the International Terminal. These stations provide drinking areas with bowls and garbage areas with mutt mitt dispensers. All pet relief areas are fully-fenced and landscaped, wheelchair accessible, and available 24/7. To locate these stations, look for the painted paw-prints on the Arrivals Level terminal curbside walkways—these paths lead the way to outdoor locations. The two outdoor locations are in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

As with most airports, the San Francisco airport pet policy requires all non-service animals to be in crates and carriers unless utilizing an animal relief area.

SFO Pet Cargo Locations

Pet travel is easiest when your furry friend is small enough to ride in-cabin. Unfortunately, most pet parents need to seek alternative travel accommodations. If your dog is too big to ride with you, he will either fly as checked baggage or cargo. Though a less popular option, flying as baggage is relatively easy on the owner. Simply process your pup at flight check-in upon departure and collect him from excess baggage upon arrival. 

However, if your dog is large, he will likely get to your destination as cargo. As with most airports, the San Francisco airport pet policy requires pet owners to fetch their furry friends from their airline-specific cargo office location. These buildings are scattered throughout the SFO airport grounds, and there is no available public transportation or shuttle service to and from the facilities. It is therefore essential to arrange for private transportation to retrieve your pet. 

Below, we have listed necessary location and contact information for each airport cargo facility.  

United Airlines Cargo
585 McDonnel Road
San Francisco, CA 94128

Delta Airlines Cargo
612 West Field Road
San Francisco, CA 94128

American Airlines Cargo
944 North Field Road
San Francisco, CA 94128

Lufthansa Airlines Cargo
900 North Access Road
San Francisco, CA 94128

Asiana Airlines Cargo
648 West Field Road
San Francisco, CA 94128

Swiss World Cargo
632 West Field Road
San Francisco, CA 94128

More SFO Airport Pet Policies

According to San Francisco Airport pet policy, pets in the airport terminals must be kenneled and ready for travel. If you are traveling with a service animal, however, he is free to roam as he pleases. Additionally, service animals are permitted on AirTrain, and leashed animals are allowed in other areas of the airport, such as Animal Relief Areas. As with most airports, much of the regulation regarding pet travel is determined by the airlines themselves.  

When traveling with an animal, SFO pet policy recommends avoiding moving walkways and escalators, which can be dangerous for animals. To prevent injury, the airport recommends carrying a pet and transporting them in a kennel. Always use elevators to change levels. Additionally, there are only two post-security pet relief areas in the airport, meaning lines may form. As will all aspects of air travel, pet owners should exercise patience while waiting their turn.  

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