On Virgin America flights, pets can fly in the cabin if they fit comfortably in a carrier under the seat in front of the passenger. Due to the airline’s relatively lenient pet policies, Virgin America is popular among guests with small pets. In addition to dogs and cats, the airline also allows passengers to travel with household birds and rabbits. 

This is the only method by which you can travel with a pet on a Virgin America flight. Since you’re not going to have an alternate travel method available, it’s even more important to know the rules of flying with a pet in the cabin on Virgin America Airlines. To ensure you are adequately prepared, here’s what you need to know.  



How much does it cost to fly with a pet on Virgin America?
$100 each way.  To be paid at the time of booking or at the airport.   


What animals are allowed on Virgin America?
Cats, dogs, household birds, and domesticated rabbits can fly. Animals must be vaccinated, under 20 pounds, and at least 8 weeks old and fully weaned.  


How many animals/pets are allowed on each Virgin America flight?
A maximum of 5 pet carriers are allowed in the main cabin. One carrier is allowed per passenger.   


What is the maximum carrier size?   
Maximum dimensions for a soft-sided carrier are 17”L x 11”W x 9.5”H. Maximum dimensions for a hard-sided carrier are 17”L x 11”W x 7.5”H.   


What pet travel forms are required?  
Virgin America pet policy requires that those traveling with animals present a veterinary certificate dated within 30 days prior to departure. Additionally, the airline recommends reviewing the necessary information if traveling to Hawaii or between the United States and Mexico.   


Can pets fly internationally on Virgin America?  
Pets can travel between the United States and Mexico.   


Can pets fly as checked baggage or cargo on Virgin America?  
No. If your animal is too large to fit under the seat, he will not be able to fly on Virgin America.    


Are there seat restrictions?  
Passengers with animals cannot be seated in the main cabin select seats (bulk head and exit row) or the first-class cabin. Pets and carriers must be able to fit under the seat in front of them.   


How to Book a Reservation for Pets in the Cabin on Virgin America

Use their online tool or call 877-359-8474. Knowing what to expect of Virgin America will prepare you for the reservation-making process. If you are shopping around for the best, pet-friendly airline deal, you can use an online booking service with a free 24-hour cancellation policy. As part of their guest service commitment, Virgin America also offers free 24-hour cancellation for passengers who book with them directly.   

The number of animals allowed on a single flight is limited. As soon as your travel plans are confirmed, call reservations at 877-359-8474 to make pet-specific arrangements. If the flight already has the maximum number of animals allowed, you’ll be able to change your travel plans. You can also book a flight for yourself and your pet at the same time by calling Virgin America reservations. 


Other Types of Pet and Animal Travel with Virgin America  

More FAQ Information for Pets in the Cabin   

How do I pay the pet fee with Virgin America?  
You must have an advanced reservation to hold the spot. You can pay the $100 pet fee at the time of booking by calling 877-359-8474. You can also pay the fee upon arrival at the airport at the check-in counter.   


What are the carrier requirements and options for Virgin America pet policy?  
The maximum soft-sided carrier dimensions are 17”L x 11”W x 9.5”H. The maximum hard-sided carrier dimensions are 17”L x 11”W x 7.5”H. The carrier should have proper ventilation and a floor designed to absorb or retain both solids and liquids. Additionally, it should be secure enough to prevent the escape of a pet, prevent any part of the pet from protruding, and have room for the pet to move freely.   


This carrier must fit directly under the seat in front of you. It is strongly recommended that a soft-sided case is used in lieu of a hard-sided case. Most hard-sided pet carriers are 10” in height and will not fit under the seat. Virgin America has carriers available for purchase in the case that yours does not fit.  


Can a small dog sit on my lap?   
Pets must stay enclosed in their carriers while onboard and in the airport terminal. However, exceptions exist for service and emotional support animals. Your service animal is not required to be in a pet carrier, but it cannot obstruct aisles, be in a seat, or occupy any space other than your own.   


Are there other Virgin America pet travel restrictions?  
Each pet should be accompanied by a Virgin America passenger, and the pet carrier will count as the passenger’s carry-on or personal item. Each passenger can bring one pet carrier. However, two small animals of the same breed may travel in the same carrier if it is comfortable. Only a single $100 fee will apply. Health certificates should indicate vaccination history and age. You can use APHIS Form 7001 to ensure you have all the relevant information.  


Are there other Virgin America pet policies?  
Pets traveling with Virgin America must have a veterinary certificate dated within 30 days prior to the departure. The certificate must include information about the animal’s vaccination history and age. Virgin America accepts no liability for the animal’s health.