When traveling through Reagan National Airport, passengers will have five pet relief area options. Four of these stations are located outside and before security, while one is indoors in Terminal A. The indoor location is very new, opening in August of 2018. The space is accessible to passengers in each concourse, but all terminals have their own relief area to ensure convenience. All stations are clearly marked and provide waste bags and receptacles for pet owner convenience. 

Reagan National is a relatively small airport, which means low passenger traffic and less walking time between terminals. If you have to leave a secured area to use a relief area, you should not have a difficult time getting back to your terminal on time. There are no secured pet relief stations. This means that, unless you are traveling with a service dog or going through security, your pet cannot be outside its carrier per Reagan National Airport pet policy.


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Terminal Guide for Reagan National Airport Pet Relief Areas

Though outside, the DCA pet relief areas are relatively accessible. Each terminal has its own station, and Terminal B has two options. All D.C. airport pet relief stations are marked with signage, but if you have a difficult time finding yours, these directions should be helpful. 

  • To access the Terminal C pet relief area, exit through the ground level of the terminal. The station will be across from the North Metrorail Station entrance. 
  • To access the Terminal B pet relief area, exit through the ground level of the terminal. The station will be across from the South Metrorail Station entrance. 
  • To access the Terminal B/A station, exit through Door 1, close to Exhibit Hall and Gates 10-22. The station will be on your right.  
  • To access the Terminal A area, exit through Door 5, close to the Pedestrian Walkway. The station will be on your left. 
  • To access the indoor Terminal A area, enter through security and proceed down the concourse.

Area Map of DCA Pet Relief Stations

What to Expect at a Reagan National Airport Pet Relief Area

The Reagan Airport pet relief areas are fairly standard. They are small, grassy areas complete with benches, signs, waste bags, and trash receptacles. They are not fenced, meaning you should keep your dog on a leash while he uses the area.  

We know that the Terminal B and C pet relief stations can be difficult to locate. If you are having trouble finding your pet relief station, look for the Metrorail platform. The stations are located at either end of the platform. 

Despite the airport’s lack of indoor accommodations, Reagan National should be easy to navigate with an animal. The terminals are small and close together, allowing pet owners to easily access the closest pet relief station. Additionally, most of these areas are just across the street from the main airport body, allowing for a quiet experience without needing to walk for several minutes. Though this airport may be chaotic for pet owners traveling during holiday seasons (when security lines are longer), a weekend trip to Washington, D.C. is perfectly doable with your furry friend in tow.