The Philadelphia Airport sports seven indoor animal relief areas, known colloquially and affectionately as “Pet Ports.” They are in every terminal. Additionally, relief areas are located outside of the airport on the Departing Flights road and outside baggage claim. Terminals A, B, and C offer both indoor and outdoor facilities, while Terminals D, E, and F offer only post-security options. Regardless, each Terminal has an indoor, post-security option, which is important for passengers on-the-go. These strategic locations ensure that pets and their parents do not need to re-enter through security to use the restroom.


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PHL Airport Pet Relief Area Map

Outdoor Pet Relief Area Map: Look for the black circles.


Indoor Pet Relief Area Map:  Look for the red circles.


Terminal Guide for Philadelphia Airport Pet Relief Areas

All outdoor Philadelphia Airport pet relief areas are on the Departures Flights Road and the Arrivals side outside of each terminal. All indoor pet relief stations are post-security and close to flight gates. 

  • The outdoor, pre-security Terminal A pet relief area is located between A-West and A-East on the Departures Flights Road. 
  • The outdoor, pre-security Terminal B/C pet relief area is between Terminal B and Terminal C ticketing and the Airport Communications Center on the Departures Flight Road. 
  • The outdoor, pre-security Terminal E pet relief area can be accessed by exiting the terminal and turning right on the Departures Flights Road. 
  • The outdoor-pre-security Terminal F pet relief area can be accessed by exiting the terminal and turning right on the Departures Flights Road. 
  • The indoor, post-security Terminal A-West pet relief area is near Gate A-16. The indoor, pre-security Terminal A-Easy pet relief area is near Gate A-1.  
  • The indoor, post-security Terminal B pet relief area is on the B side of the A-B walkway between terminals. 
  • The indoor, post-security Terminal C pet relief area is on the C side of the C-D walkway between the terminals. The indoor Terminal D station is on the D side of the same walkway.  
  • The indoor, post-security Terminal E pet relief station is at Gate E-1. 
  • The indoor, post-security Terminal F pet relief area is just beyond the terminal’s general security checkpoint.  


What to Expect at PHL Airport Pet Relief Stations

The Philadelphia Airport pet relief stations are clean, modern, and accessible. All outdoor, pre-security pet relief areas are outfitted with a four-inch mulch surface, a bench, a faux fire hydrant, biodegradable waste bags, and a concrete dog paw print. Each spot is enclosed by a 4-foot-high fence with a latched gate, meaning you can allow your furry friend to roam freely.  

Pet Port

The indoor pet relief stations are small and open, meaning your dog may have trouble using the restroom if he is easily scared by loud noises and crowds of people. They are outfitted with artificial grass, pop-up sprinkler systems, and fake fire hydrants. 


In the past few years, Philadelphia International Airport and its pet policies have transformed into one of the nation’s most pet-friendly. Pet relief areas have been located outside for around a decade, but tighter airport security, longer TSA screening lines, and the implementation of new accessibility laws has necessitated the creation of additional post-security pet relief stations. If you are flying through Philadelphia with a dog, you’ll have the convenience of accessible pet relief areas and a wealth of resources to help you along.