There are a total of five pet relief areas at the Salt Lake City Airport, three outside the terminal and two inside airport security. By far, the pre-security areas are easier to use and access. If your flight is on-time, the most common strategy for pet owners is to let their furry companion out of their carrier one last time outside the terminal before heading into the airport. If your flight has a lengthy delay, but you don’t want to go through security again, you can also take advantage of the SLC pet relief areas on Concourse B and Concourse E.

Terminal Guide for Salt Lake City Airport Pet Relief Areas

  • Outside security, three pet relief areas are located near the parking garage across from Terminals One and Two, and another located between Terminal Two and the International Terminal. These are grassy areas equipped with waste stations and space to exercise pets and relieve animals. If you have your own waste disposal bags, a little gumption, and your pet doesn’t mind the inconvenience, you may even be able to discreetly use the xeriscape and dirt areas outside the airport terminals.
  • The first time we visited the animal relief station on Concourse E we were looking for Gate E1 and were momentarily confused when we saw Gate E 60-65 at the bottom of the escalator instead. Gate E1 is right around the corner as well, but what you’re looking for is the sign near sliding glass door and airline representative desk.
  • On Concourse B, the animal relief station is outside Gate B13, just a few gates down from the bottom of the escalator. In many cases, you can simply go to these areas and find an airline representative available to help. If not, you should contact SLC Airport Operations at 801-647-5159. Both indoor stations are wheelchair accessible.

SLC Airport Pet Relief Area Maps




What to Expect from Animal Relief Stations in the SLC Airport

If you’re more familiar with other airports, you may be used to animal relief stations that are self-serve indoor areas. At the Salt Lake City Airport, pet relief areas are actually located outside the gate doors on the tarmac and are only accessible with an escort from an airline representative. The good news is that you won’t have to tolerate potentially foul odors that can build up when other pet owners are less than diligent about their pet waste disposal.


The SLC Airport pet policy states that passengers traveling through the airport with animals are required to keep the animals in a crate, kennel or other approved container. The exception is therapy dogs accompanied by a licensed organization, working law enforcement animals or service animals that are trained (or being trained) and registered to assist people with disabilities.

Given the current airport expansion project and forecasts that suggest yet another expansion may be needed before long, an additional animal relief station may be coming in future years. Regardless, with a little planning and knowledge about the airport pet services, you shouldn’t experience any undue travel headaches.