Sometimes situations will arise when you need to send an animal to another location and cannot accompany it. Many different people use services like these for a variety of reasons, and luckily Aeromexico can accommodate this type of animal transportation service. When flying pets as cargo with Aeromexico, you will be shipping it through Aeromexico Cargo.


Preparing your Pet for Air Travel

To best prepare your pet for their air travel, Aeromexico recommends that you give your pet a small meal with a little water a couple of hours prior to their check-in. Aeromexico does not recommend tranquilizing your pets but suggests that some exercise before departure would probably make it more comfortable while in transit. For their own safety, animals younger than two months may not fly.

When you check your pet into their flight, do not forget to bring all of their necessary documentation. This includes all of the proper health certificates, import licenses, and anything else that the authorities at your pet’s destination will require to be sure your pet is being legally and responsibly imported. Be sure to familiarize yourself and comply with the specifications of your final destination.

Find more information about traveling to and from the U.S. and all Aeromexico Pet Policies.


Temperature Safety

Because your pet is traveling as cargo, there will be some outdoor transit times during loading and unloading that make certain temperatures unsafe for your animals. The temperature ranges for dogs are 10ºC to 27ºC, and 7ºC to 24ºC for cats.


Booking Travel

You must book international shipments between 14 and 5 days from the departure date. Shipments will only be available Monday through Thursday. To book or to get more information, call Aeromexico at 5133-0270 or 5133- 0216, or send an email to


Drop-Off and Pickup

You must bring your animals into the Aeromexico Cargo facilities four hours before their scheduled time of departure. If you are shipping an animal internationally, you will be given a time by your customer service executive.

If your animal has been shipped domestically, you can pick up your animal at its destination 2 hours after it arrives. For international flights, you can pick it up six hours after arrival.


Carrier Requirements

Your carrier must have ample room for your pet to sit, stand, lie down, and turn around.

The floor must be leak-proof.

If it has been used before, it’s best to clean and sterilize the container to prevent the spread of pathogens

It is best that your container is made of rigid plastic, but if you are shipping your pet internationally and have a wooden crate, you can make arrangements for it to be approved. Cardboard and mesh crates are prohibited.

While in transit, your pet’s crate will be secured using side-lashing. Your crate will need to have thread-able side fasteners or holes.


* Images from Aeromexico