Only trained service animals can ride with passengers in the cabin. This makes the airline a relatively unpopular choice for non-service animal owners. All other pets, including emotional support animals, must travel as cargo. To that point, the airline provides no option to check an animal as baggage. If you want to bring your pet on a vacation, he must either be a trained service animal or be shipped separately with IAG Cargo. 

If you are flying with a service animal, British Airways wants you and your pet to be as safe and comfortable as possible. Below is the information you need to adequately prepare.  



How much does it cost to fly with a carry-on pet on British Airways?
In-cabin transport is free.  


Does an emotional support animal count as an assistance dog?


What animals are allowed on a British Airways flight?
Trained assistance dogs (guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs). 


How many animals are allowed in cabin on each flight?
This number varies by flight. The website states that the airline “might need to limit the number of dogs we can carry in the cabin.” 


What is the maximum carrier size?
If working, an assistance dog should not be in a carrier. However, if you plan to bring one, it should fit under the seat or in an overhead bin. These measurements vary by flight and aircraft.  


What pet travel forms are required?
Passengers must provide copies of all documentation about the pet and vaccines prior to travel. They must also provide documentation of the dog’s service and training. 


Are there seat restrictions?
No. The airline will allocate an appropriate seat with additional space for the passenger and the assistance dog. This is often in a bulkhead seat row. 


How to Book a Reservation for Pets in the Cabin on British Airways 

Passengers traveling with service animals must provide a seven-day notice that there will be an animal on the flight. However, we recommend contacting the airline directly after booking your flight. In some cases, they may need to restrict the number of animals onboard. You can reach British Airways at 800-247-9297. 


Other Types of Pet and Animal Travel with British Airways   


More FAQ Information for Pets in the Cabin 


Are there any limitations on service animals flying in-cabin?
Most organizations recommend that service animals travel on flights under ten hours. Additionally, you must provide a dog car safety harness or equivalent to secure your dog during takeoff and landing, as well as whenever the seat belt signs are switched on. It is the responsibility of the passenger to take care of the dog’s needs. The cabin crew will be unable to offer any assistance to the dog during the flight.  


Can I use British Airways lounges with my assistance dog?
Yes, if you’re able to use their lounges (depending on frequent flyer membership and/or the cabin in which you are traveling), you can bring your assistance dog.