There are three Albuquerque International Sunport pet relief stations. Two are available outside of the airport in pre-security locations, while one is available indoors and in a post-security area. The outdoor areas are located on the baggage claim level on both east and west ends of the building. The indoor option is located at gate A7, which is relatively central for most airlines. These varied options make the Albuquerque Sunport a relatively pet-friendly airport.

More animals are traveling now than ever before. From service dogs and emotional support animals to family cats and dogs, it’s not unusual to see animals flying in the cabin or as checked baggage. Long flights can be uncomfortable for everyone, animals included. Many airports, including the Albuquerque Sunport, are making efforts to accommodate their four-legged passengers by creating designated animal relief areas. ABQ pet relief areas are convenient and easy to access, making them indispensable for any pet parents traveling through this airport.


ABQ Terminal Maps and Pet Relief Areas

If you’re making a connection in the Sunport, or if you need to get your pet some relief before or after a long journey, then you can make use of the indoor pet relief area. You can find this rest stop near gate A7.

Sometimes the indoor pet relief areas aren’t the best option. Maybe Albuquerque is your last stop, or you’re leaving from this airport and want to get your pet some relief before you check in for your flight. No matter your reason, the outdoor pet relief areas are a convenient choice for you and your pet. These areas are located curbside and are just a step outside of the doors on either side of the baggage claim area.





What to Expect from an Albuquerque Sunport Pet Relief Station

The indoor Albuquerque Sunport pet relief area is complete with everything you need to keep Fido comfortable. This area has a well-draining floor concealed underneath a swath of artificial grass, and it is decorated with a red fire hydrant. You can find plastic bags provided, as well as a cleanup system. Similarly, the outdoor pet relief stations are well-marked, and bags are provided, but you should plan to bring your own bags just in case. Remember to always clean up after your pet and dispose of all waste.



If you’re making a trip through Albequerque’s Sunport, learning about the ABQ pet relief areas should be just one part of your preparation. Read about all Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ) Pet Policies before leaving for your flight.