There are two OGG pet relief area available at the Kahului Airport. These relief stations are both located outside and in pre-security areas. One is near the baggage claim doors on the lower level of the parking garage, while the other is outside of Door 1 and Door 6. While pet parents will have two options while traveling through this airport, their locations can be very inconvenient. Just steps from the airport doors, the Kahului Airport pet relief areas require pet owners to leave the secure area and re-enter through security. This can take a lot of time, especially during busy holiday travel seasons.


OGG Terminal Map and Pet Relief Stations

There are two pet relief areas at Kahului Airport, and both are located outside. They are not far from the main airport entrances, so you will have an easy time making a pit stop there before leaving for your trip. You can find one location by the baggage claim doors on the lower level of the parking garage. The other space is outside of Door 1 and Door 6. These areas are located near large swaths of grass, so your pet should feel comfortable in these areas.



What to Expect at an OGG Pet Relief Station

The pet relief areas at Kahului Airport are similar to other outdoor relief stations. They appear to be fenced in and covered in AstroTurf, creating a safe and secure environment for your pet. Waste receptacles are available nearby, but we cannot confirm whether waste bags are provided to pet owners. As a result, we recommend bringing your own. Always pick up after your pet and properly dispose of waste.


Remember that learning about Kahului Airport pet relief stations are just one aspect of preparing for a trip to Hawaii. Read about the Kahului Airport pet policies and inform yourself about the state-mandated quarantine laws.