Austin-Bergstrom International Airport offers two outdoor dog parks outside the Main/Barbara Jordan Terminal. You can find this area on the eastern side of the airport where you will find the baggage claim carousels and on the ground level. There is a strip of grassy lawn all along the road, so your pet might choose to relieve himself before you reach the designated area. That’s why we recommend carrying a couple of waste bags with you. If you need a spare, the Dog Park should be well stocked. Locate it on the map by finding the dog icon.


Austin-Bergstrom Airport and Dog Park Map


Pet and Airport Terminal Guide

Within easy walking distance of the doors, these pet relief areas are not hard to find. Exit the airport at the baggage claim area and cross the street as if you were headed to the parking garage or car rental area.

In rare cases, passengers that have an animal with them in the Main/Barbara Jordan Terminal, such as a service dog or an animal approved for flight in the cabin, may require to use the relief facilities after they have already gone through security. Should this happen, flag down a security officer, and they will guide you to the animal relief facilities. With this chaperone, you will be able to pass through security quickly.


What to Expect with Austin Airport Pet Relief Areas

The dog parks are well-lit at night, which will come in handy should you have an early morning or late-night flight. There are doggie waste backs available, but it’s always a good idea to keep a few on your person or with your dog in case they run out. Other amenities include a dog-accessible water fountain. There is a lawn with real grass, but it has clearly been trampled on by a couple of happy dogs enjoying a stretch after a long flight. It’s not very lush, but it gets the job done.



Pet Policies

Passenger opinions from online reviews tend to suggest that Austin-Bergstrom’s Dog Park isn’t much to look at but is a great resource for passengers traveling with their pets. Additionally, there is good signage on the way to the pet relief area, and it is well-lit, well-stocked, and generally comfortable. For more information about pet policies and what to expect when traveling through Austin-Bergstrom International Airport with your pet, check out our AUS pet policy page.