If you travel a lot, you might have noticed that more and more airports are incorporating rest stops for service animals and pets traveling through the airport. The pet relief areas at Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) were among the first of these facilities and have been in use for a while. Find out how and where to find them inside and outside the airport terminal.

Dallas Love Field Airport Pet Terminal Map Guide

There are three pet relief areas total located outside and within the perimeter of the secured terminal.



Pet Relief Areas Outside the DAL Airport

If you’re starting in Dallas or if Dallas Love Field is your final destination, the outdoor pet relief areas might be a good choice for you. These are found before airport security screening, so give your pet a rest stop before checking into your flight or before you leave the airport.

  • One is located outside of doors near baggage claim. Exit the doors furthest from the main entrance and turn right.
  • The other outdoor area is near the parking lot on the western side. If you are exiting the airport, take the tunnel or Sky Bridge but then find the pet relief area on the ground level across from Baggage Claim.

Finding the Post-Security Pet Relief Area

This amenity is a better choice for travelers making a short layover at the airport.

  • The Secured pet relief area can be found just past the security checkpoint. You can find it next to West End News and across from Cru Wine Bar.

What to Expect from Dallas Love Field Airport Pet Amenities

Although Dallas is a large city with many travelers passing through the airports, many of the international travelers are more likely to pass through the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Airport, and not Dallas Love Field. Dallas Love Field is a 20-gate airport that mostly serves domestic travelers. There will likely not be a lot of hassle to find the indoor pet relief area and make use of it with your animal in the time between your flights. Whether you’re starting your journey here or have a layover before another flight, there is a strategic stop for you.

Nowadays, pet relief areas often offer modern amenities to make your visit cleaner and more convenient. It’s not unusual to find pet relief areas stocked with plastic baggies for cleaning up after your animals and sinks and hoses for cleaning up indoors. While these are convenient, it’s always good to pack a spare bag with you just in case the area has been frequented during the day or has not been restocked.

Making a trip through Dallas Love Field Airport? For more information on their policy regarding animals, be sure to check out our other resource page on Dallas Love Field pet policies.