There are 11 LAX pet relief areas in total—three outdoor pet relief areas and another eight inside the airport terminals. The three outdoor areas are on the Lower Level with Arrivals and can be used before going through security. You’ll find these areas between Terminals 1 and 2, Terminals 5 and 6, and at the east end of Terminals 7 and 8. 


Terminal Guide for LAX Pet Relief Areas

Once you enter the airport and go through security, you can still use one of the indoor LAX pet relief areas. When you check-in with the airline, you can locate the station room closest to your terminal and gate assignment:  



T-1: A room near Gate 13 by the restrooms and behind California Pizza Kitchen. See full T-1 Map. 

T-2: A room near Gate 21. Just on the other side of T-2 security. See full T-2 Map. 

T-3: In the outdoor atrium. See Full T-3 Map 

TBIT: A room near the entrance to the bridge to T-4. See Full TBIT Map.   

T-4: A room along the TBIT (Tom Bradley International Terminal) Bridge. See Full T-4 Map. 

T-5: A room near Gate 52B. See Full T-5 Map. 

T-6: In the outdoor atrium near the restrooms and Gate 62. See Full T-6 Map.   

T-7: A room between Gate 73 and 75B, close to Wolfgang Puck Express. See Full T-7 Map. 

T-8: Closest area is dog park outside of terminal or use the T-7 station room. See Full T-8 Map. 


LAX Airport Pet Relief Area Map



What to Expect from Pet Relief Areas at Los Angeles International Airport

Everything you need without the bells and whistles. Every station should have synthetic grass, fire hydrant, dog waste station, and fresh water. These pet relief areas should also come equipped with disposal bags, but we recommend bringing a couple of your own in case the supply has run out.  

Take note of the fact that the indoor LAX pet relief areas are rooms. You’ll have a decent amount of space once inside, but for many of these stations, you’ll have to find the entrance door before you can see the entire pet relief area.  




Be Respectful of Other Animals and Pet Owners

More than just pets, bomb-sniffing canines, law enforcement dogs, service animals, and therapy dogs may all use the pet relief areas at LAX. More often than not, there won’t be much, if any, wait to use these stations. But if there is a line, it’s important to be respectful and maintain perspective. Your pet may be overdue to be let out of its kennel, but getting into a serious altercation at the airport can have more severe consequences than you would ever imagine reviewing the LAX Airport pet policy.