Istanbul Airport Pet Relief Areas

As with many international airports, the Istanbul Airport pet policy does not provide exact locations for pet relief areas. There are no designated stations included on the airport map, and the Istanbul Airport pet policy provides no building-specific information. Instead, it parrots the language used by most airlines, telling passengers to request information from the airline before making a reservation with an animal.

That said, the airport’s website has a page dedicated to “pet rooms,” which appear to be designated pet relief stations. There is no listed location, but these pet rooms have a special check-in counter and are free to use. Rather than existing as a room dedicated to pet relief, these appear to be modest but comfortable holding areas for pets traveling through the airport. We suspect that more information about these rooms will become available as the airport construction nears completion.

Still, if you are traveling from, to, or through this airport, we suggest relying primarily on outdoor green spaces for pet relief. We are unsure if these pet rooms are open to the public yet, and the website does not include any information about their specific use and location. Preparing to use outdoor, pre-security spaces will ensure you are prepared for the most inconvenient situation possible. If these areas are available for you to use, it will be a nice surprise.


IST Airport Pet Cargo Locations

Istanbul Airport is an important cargo location, which means many airlines plan to have cargo facilities in the surrounding area. To account for this important feature of the airport, IST has created a separate but conveniently located cargo facility, called the Cargo and Logistics Centre. This building covers an area of 86,000 square meters and hosts dozens of national and international companies that offer cargo, logistics coordinating, and temporary storage.

If you ship an animal as cargo, this is likely the building where they will end up. The airport’s website also states there will be a veterinary service office in the building. While this center is not yet complete, we believe the eventual address will be just outside the main terminal building. There will be a separate parking garage, but it appears that the facility will be walking distance from the arrivals gate.

That said, many airlines that fly into and out of Istanbul Airport do not allow pets to travel as cargo. Instead, if an animal is too large to fly inside the cabin, they fly in the aircraft hold as checked baggage. If this describes your pet travel plans, the Istanbul Airport pet policy is to pick your pet up in the oversized baggage claim area of the airport. We recommend asking airline personnel to verify this information as you check into your flight, as it may vary by airline and terminal.


More About the Istanbul Airport Pet Policy

If your departing flight is from Istanbul Airport, expect to pass through security alongside your animal. You should walk or carry your pet through the door-type detector. If there is also a cage, as will be the case for most animals traveling through Istanbul Airport, it will pass through the X-ray device alongside luggage. These features are typical of pet travel.

Istanbul Airport is a relatively new travel hub. All commercial passenger flights were transferred from Istanbul Atatürk Airport to this new airport in April 2019. The building is expected to be completed in 2025, which indicates that this gigantic airport is nowhere near the end of its construction. When the campus is finished, it will be able to accommodate 200 million passengers each year – an important factor for a city that serves as a gateway between the East and West.

We expect the Istanbul Airport pet policy to become more robust as the prolonged construction period progresses. For now, though, we recommend moving through this airport as you might any other international terminal: using outdoor green spaces as relief areas, keeping your pet in a container, and arriving for your flight at least 3 hours prior to international travel.