Many people likely associate flying on a private jet with those who possess significant wealth. For a while now, a greater number of people have had access to private aviation. However, it has also increased since 2019 for more than one reason.

For some, private aviation provides an opportunity to travel with greater safety. After all, the coronavirus pandemic has interrupted different modes of travel to varying degrees. Another reason for increased private air travel is, more people prefer to bring their pets on their trips. Over the past two years, VistaJet found that they have flown animals at an increased rate of 86%. Below are some of the reasons why pet accompaniment is increasingly popular. Airlines aren’t freaking out yet, but they might if this trend continues.


New Dynamic

For some travelers, bringing their pet is about spending more time with them. Greater numbers of people realize the comfort having a pet on their travels brings to them. People also find that private travel is much more convenient with an animal.

Unlike commercial flights, solo flyers do not have to sit next to strangers or separately from their pet. Similarly, pet owners want to let their pets stretch their legs. Pets can also feel comfortable on the flight. On a private jet, they do not feel as contained as when they are put in flight crates.


Emotional Support

The Department of Transportation’s regulation in January led to multiple airlines restricting pet owners. Delta Air Lines and United Airlines are among those that prohibit owners from bringing a pet onboard now as an emotional support animal. The regulation limited people who also have larger animals. As a result, many people are likely flying privately to avoid putting their pets in a crate or finding a pet hotel. However, private travel still comes at a higher cost. Only a select number of people are likely flying private to keep their pets as their emotional support animals.


Reduced Stress

Many people have experienced higher levels of stress and anxiety over the past 18 months. In some cases, they have combated that by getting an animal for companionship. For individuals, the money spent on flying privately is inconsequential. The bottom line has become that pets provide more people with greater companionship.

Additionally, people’s stress is further mitigated when they do not have to constrain their pets on commercial flights. It also minimizes navigating any pre-flight hassle. People recognize that pets can become overwhelmed as they go through airport security. Other strangers and loud airport noises can trigger these stressful situations. The way many people consider their pets today is, “Will my family member be comfortable? Are they OK on the flight?”

Along with flying privately, there are also other ways that you can further make sure your pet is comfortable. You can bring food and treats with you during flights. You can also bring a new toy or their favorite toy. Any combination of these methods can keep your beloved pet comfortable, while also making the flight experience more enjoyable for you.